Seeking Forgiveness

Seeking forgiveness-الاِسْتِغفار

1. Seek forgiveness and you will be provided sustenance.

1ـ اِسْتَغْفِرْ، تُرْزَقْ.

2. The best supplication (or means of coming closer to Allah) is seeking forgiveness.

2ـ أفْضَلُ التَّوَسُّلِ (التَّوَصُّلِ) الاِسْتِغْفارُ.

3. Seeking forgiveness wipes out [one’s] sins.

3ـ اَلاِسْتِغْفارُ يَمْحُو الأوْزارَ.

4. Seeking forgiveness is the remedy of sins.

4ـ اَلاِسْتِغْفارُ دَواءُ الذُّنُوبِ.

5. Seeking forgiveness has the greatest recompense and the quickest reward.

5ـ اَلإسْتِغْفارُ أعْظَمُ جَزاءً، وأسْرَعُ مَثُوبَةً.

6. Sincere repentance purges one’s sins.

6ـ حُسْنُ الاِسْتِغْفارِ يُمَحِّصُ الذُّنُوبَ.

7. If the people were to turn in repentance [to Allah] and seek forgiveness whenever they disobeyed [or sinned], they would neither be punished nor would they be destroyed.

7ـ لَوْ أنَّ النّاسَ حينَ عَصَوْا أنابُوا وَاسْتَغْفَرُوا لَمْ يُعَذَّبُوا وَلَمْيَهْلِكُوا.

8. One who has been granted [the opportunity to seek] repentance shall not be deprived of forgiveness.

8ـ مَنْ أُعْطِيَ الاِسْتِغْفارَ لَمْ يُحْرَمِ المَغْفِرَةَ.

9. One who seeks forgiveness from Allah attains absolution.

9ـ مَنِ اسْتَغْفَرَ اللّهَ أصابَ المَغْفِرَةَ.

10. What a good means [of gaining the pleasure of Allah] seeking forgiveness is!

10ـ نِعْمَ الوَسيلَةُ اَلاِسْتِغْفارُ.

11. There is no intercessor more successful than repentance.

11ـ لاشَفيعَ أنْجَحُ مِنَ الاِسْتِغْفارِ.

12. No one gains forgiveness except he who reciprocates evil with good.

12ـ لايَحُوزُ الغُفْرانَ إلاّ مَنْ قابَل الإساءَةَ بِالإحْسانِ.