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1. Sleep is a relief from pain and its counterpart is death.

1ـ اَلنَّوْمُ راحَةٌ مِنْ ألَم ومُلائِمُهُ المَوْتُ.

2. What a bad rival sleep is! It wastes the short life [a person has] and causes one to lose a lot of reward.

2ـ بِئْسَ الغَريمُ النَّوْمُ يُفْني قَصيرَ العُمْرِ ويُفَوِّتُ كَثيرَ الأجْرِ.

3. One who sleeps a lot at night loses the [opportunity to perform the] deeds that he cannot make up for during the daytime.

3ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ في لَيْلِهِ نَوْمُهُ فاتَهُ مِنَ العَمَلِ ما لايَسْتَدْرِكُهُ في يَوْمِهِ.

4. What a rescinder sleep is for the resolutions of the day!

4ـ ما أنْقَضَ النَّوْمَ لِعَزائِمِ اليَوْمِ.

5. One who is deep in sleep is belied by his dreams.

5ـ اَلمُسْتَثْقِلُ النّائِمُ تُكَذِّبُهُ أحْلامُهُ.

6. Woe to the sleeper, how great is his loss! His actions fall short and his reward is little.

6ـ وَيْحَ النّائِمِ ما أخْسَرَهُ قَصُرَ عَمَلُهُ وقَلَّ أجْرُهُ.