Spite And Malice

Spite and Malice الحِقْدُ

1. Malice is from the nature of the wicked.

1ـ اَلحِقْدُ مِنْ طَبايِعِ الأشْرارِ.

2. Spite is a fire that is not put out except by vanquish. (It is a raging fire that is not put out by anything other than death or vanquish).

2ـ الحِقْدُ نارٌ لاتُطْفَيُ إلاّ بِالظَّفَرِ.(نارٌ كامِنَةٌ لايُطْفِئُها إلاّ مَوْتٌ أوْ ظَفَرٌ).

3. Malice wears away [its possessor].

3ـ اَلحِقْدُ يُذْرِي.

4. Spite is the trait of the jealous ones.

4ـ اَلحِقْدُ شيمَةُ الحَسَدَةِ.

5. Malice is the motive of rage.

5ـ الحِقْدُ مَثارُ الغَضَبِ.

6. Spite is the vilest of flaws.

6ـ الحِقْدُ اَلأَمُ العُيُوبِ.

7. Malice is a painful ailment and an infectious disease.

7ـ اَلحِقْدُ داءٌ دَوِيٌّ، ومَرَضٌ مُوبِي.

8. Malice is a vile characteristic and a fatal sickness.

8ـ اَلحِقْدُ خُلْقٌ دَنِيٌّ،وَمَرَضٌ مُرْدِي.

9. Keep away from harbouring grudges against each other, hating each other, quarrelling with one other and not lending a supporting hand to each other, [and by doing this] you will gain mastery over your affairs.

9ـ تَجَنَّبُوا تَضاغُنَ القُلُوبِ، وَتَشاحُنَ الصُّدُورِ وتَدابُـرَ النُّفُوسِ، وَتَخاذُلَ الأيـْدي تَمْلِكُوا أمْرَكُمْ.

10. The cornerstone of flaws is spite.

10ـ رَأسُ العُيُوبِ الحِقْدُ.

11. The cause of discord is malice.

11ـ سَبَبُ الفِتَنِ الحِقْدُ.

12. The weapon of evil is spite.

12ـ سِلاحُ الشَّـرِّ الحِقْدُ.

13. The worst thing that resides in the heart is malice.

13ـ شَـرُّ ما سَكَنَ القَلْبَ الحِقْدُ.

14. Extreme malice stems from the intense jealousy.

14ـ شِدَّةُ الحِقْدِ مِنْ شِدَّةِ الحَسَدِ.

15. Purify your hearts from malice, for it is an infectious disease.

15ـ طَهِّرُوا قُلُوبَكُمْ مِنَ الحِقْدِ فَإنَّهُ داءٌ مُوبِيٌ.

16. In times of difficulty, feelings of malice disappear.

16ـ عِنْدَ الشَّدائِدِ تَذْهَبُ الأَحْقادُ.

17. One who eliminates malice [from his heart], his heart and mind become relaxed.

17ـ مَنِ اطَّرَحَ الحِقْدَ اسْتَراحَ قَلْبُُه ولُبُّهُ.