The Spiteful

The Spiteful الحقود

1. There is no brotherhood for the spiteful.

1ـ لَيْسَ لِحَقُود أُخُوَّةٌ.

2. One whose spite increases, his censure decreases.

2ـ مَنْ كَثُرَ حِقْدُهُ قَلَّ عِتابُهُ.

3. One who sows hatred reaps tribulations.

3ـ مَنْ زَرَعَ الإِحَنَ حَصَدَ المِحَنَ.

4. How miserable is the life of a spiteful person!

4ـ ما أنْكَدَ عَيْشَ الحَقُودِ.

5. The spiteful person has no love.

5ـ لا مَوَدَّةَ لِحَقُود.

6. The spiteful one has a tormented soul is doubly distressed.

6ـ اَلْحَقُودُ مُعَذَّبُ النَّفْسِ مُتَضاعِفُ الهَمِّ.

7. There is no repose for the spiteful.

7ـ اَلحَقُودُ لاراحَةَ لَهُ.