The Treacherous

The Treacherous الخائن والمزيع

1. The treacherous person is one who busies himself with other than his self and his ‘today’ is worse than his ‘yesterday’.

1ـ الخائِنُ مَنْ شَغَلَ نَفْسَهُ بِغَيرِ نَفْسِِهِ، وكانَ يَوْمُهُ شَـرّاً مِنْ أمْسِهِ.

2. The enticer [towards deviance] and the treacherous one are alike.1

2ـ المُزيعُ والخائِنُ سَواءٌ.

3. The treacherous person has no loyalty in him.

3ـ اَلخائِنُ لا وَفاءَ لَهُ.

4. From the signs of being forsaken [by Allah] is considering the treacherous to be trustworthy.

4ـ مِنْ عَلاماتِ الخِذْلانِ ايتِمانُ الخُوّانِ.

  • 1. Or in another reading: The discloser [of secrets] and the treacherous one are alike.