The Treasury

The Treasury بيت المال

1. Verily this wealth is not for me or you, rather it belongs to the Muslims and [is] for obtaining their weapons [of defence]; so if you participate in their war [with them] then you are a partner in it, otherwise that which their hands have acquired cannot be for other than their [own] consumption.

1ـ إنَّ هذا المالَ لَيسَ لي ولالَكَ، وإنَّما هُوَ لِلْمُسلِمينَ، وجَلْبُ أسيافِهمْ، فَإنْ شَرَكْتَهُمْ في حَرْبِهِم شَـرَكْتَهُمْ فيه، وإلاّ فَجَنا أيْديهِمْ، لا يَكُونُ لِغَيرِ أفْواهِهِمْ.