The Truthful

The Truthful-الصّادق

1. Verily the truthful one is honoured and dignified, and indeed the liar is abased and humiliated.

1ـ إنَّ الصّادِقَ لَمُكْرَمٌ جَليلٌ، وإنَّ الكاذِبَ لَمُهانٌ ذَليلٌ.

2. The truthful one is honoured and dignified.

2ـ اَلصّادِقُ مُكْرَمٌ جَليلٌ.

3. The truthful one is on the highest rank of salvation and honour.

3ـ اَلصّادِقُ عَلى شَرَفِ مَنْجاة وَكَرامَة.

4. Many a truthful one who informs you about [a matter of] this world may be deemed a liar by you.

4ـ رُبَّ صادِق مِنْ خَبَرِ الدُّنيا عِنْدَكَ مُكَذَّبٌ.

5. Be truthful and you will become loyal.

5ـ كُنْ صادِقاً تَـكُنْ وَفيّاً.

6. One who is truthful improves his religiousness.

6ـ مَنْ صَدَقَ أصْلَحَ دِيانَتـَهُ.

7. One who is always truthful will not be deprived of honour.

7ـ مَنْ كانَ صَدُوقاً لَمْ يَعْدِمِ الكَرامَةَ.

8. One whose language is truthful, his proof becomes strong.

8ـ مَنْ صَدَقَتْ لَهْجَتُهُ قَوِيَتْ حُجَّتُهُ.

9. One whose language is truthful, his proof is correct.

9ـ مَنْ صَدَقَتْ لَهْجَتُهُ صَحَّتْ حُجَّتُهُ.

10. One who is truthful is saved.

10ـ مَنْ صَدَقَ نَجا.

11. The truthful one achieves with his honesty what the liar cannot achieve with his deception.

11ـ يَبْلُغُ الصّادِقُ بِصِدْقِهِ ما لايَبْلُغُهُ الكاذِبُ بِاحْتِيالِهِ.

12. The truthful one earns three things with his honesty: the virtue of being considered reliable, becoming beloved and being revered.

12ـ يَكْتَسِبُ الصّادِقُ بِصِدْقِهِ ثَلاثاً: حُسْنِ الثِّقَةِ بِهِ، والمَحَبَّةَ لَهُ، وَالمَهابَةَ عَنْهُ.