Visiting الزّيارة

1. Visiting [one’s brothers in faith] on a regular basis is protection from lethargy.

1ـ إغْبابُ الزِّيارَةِ أمانٌ مِنَ المَلالَةِ.

2. Visit those who are obedient to Allah for His sake and take guidance from those who have been vested with His authority.

2ـ زُرْ فِي اللّهِ أهْلَ طاعَتِهِ، وخُذِ الهِدايَةَ مِنْ أهْلِ وِلايَتِهِ.

3. Visit each other for the sake of Allah, sit [and mingle] with each other for the sake of Allah, give for the sake of Allah and withhold for the sake of Allah.

3ـ زُورُوا فِي اللّهِ، وجالِسُوا فِي اللّهِ، واعْطُوا فِي اللّهِ، وامْنَعُوا فِي اللّهِ.

4. One whose visits increase, his cheerfulness decreases.

4ـ مَنْ كَثُرَتْ زِيارَتُهُ قَلَّتْ بَشاشَتُهُ.