Waging War

Waging War المحاربة

1. One who opposes Allah is crushed.

1ـ مَنْ عانَدَ اللّهَ قُصِمَ.

2. One who fights against Allah is ruined.

2ـ مَنْ حارَبَ اللّهَ حُرِبَ.

3. Indeed, if you fight against Allah, you will be defeated and destroyed.

3ـ إنَّكَ إنْ حارَبْتَ اللّهَ حُرِبْتَ وهَلَكْتَ.

4. One who fights against the people will be fought and one who considers himself to be safe from plunder will be plundered.

4ـ مَنْ حارَبَ النّاسَ حُرِبَ، ومَنْ أمِنَ السَّلَبَ سُلِبَ.