The Wife

The Wife الزوجة

1. A righteous wife is one of the two [lofty] acquisitions.

1ـ الزَّوجَةُ الصَّالِحَةُ أحَدُ الكَسْبَيْنِ.

2. An agreeable wife is one of the two comforts.

2ـ الزَّوجَةُ المُوافِقَةُ إحدَى الرَّاحَتَينِ.

3. The worst of wives is the one who does not comply [with her husband’s wishes].

3ـ شَرُّ الزَّوْجاتِ مَنْ لا تُواتي(لا تُواني).

4. The death of one’s wife is the sadness of the hour.

4ـ مَوْتُ الزَّوجَةِ حُزْنُ ساعَة.