Worship And The Worshipper

Worship and the worshipper-العبادة والمتعبد

1. Sincere worship means that a person [puts his] hopes in none other than his Lord and fears nothing but his wrongdoing.

1ـ اَلعِبادَةُ الخالِصَةُ أنْ لايَرْجُوَ الرَّجُلُ إلاّ رَبَّهُ، ولا يَخافُ إلاّ ذَنْبَهُ.

2. Reserve for yourself the best times and portions for that which is between you and Allah, the Glorified.

2ـ اِجْعَلْ لِنَفْسِكَ فيما بَيْنَكَ وبَيْنَ اللّهِ سُبْحانَهُ أفْضَلَ المَواقيتِ وَالأقْسامِ.

3. The best worship is contemplation.

3 ـ أفْضَلُ العِبادَةِ اَلفِكْرُ.

4. The best worship is safeguarding the stomach and private parts [from the forbidden].

4ـ أفْضَلُ العِبادَةِ عِفَّةُ البَطْنِ والفَرْجِ.

5. Worship is [a means to] success.

5ـ اَلعِبادَةُ فَوْزٌ.

6. Continued worship is proof of success in attainment of prosperity.

6ـ دَوامُ العِبادَةِ بُرْهانُ الظَّفَرِ بِالسَّعادَةِ.

7. The adornment of worship is humility [and submissiveness].

7ـ زَيْنُ العِبادَةِ اَلخُشُوعُ.

8. The probity of worship is [in] having trust in Allah.

8ـ صَلاحُ العِبادَةِ التَّوَكُّلُ.

9. The goal [and purpose] of worship is obedience.

9ـ غايَةُ العِبادَةِ الطّاعَةُ.

10. In secluding oneself for the worship of Allah there are treasures of benefit.

10ـ فِي الانْفِرادِ لِعِبادَةِ اللّهِ كُنُوزُ الأرْباحِ.

11. He who makes his worship sincere succeeds in attaining prosperity.

11ـ فازَ بِالسَّعادَةِ مَنْ أخْلَصَ العِبادَةَ.

12. Little that is practiced continually is better than [doing] a lot that makes one weary.

12ـ قَليلٌ تَدُومُ عَلَيْهِ خَيْرٌ مِنْ كَثير مَمْلُول.

13. Little which is easy for you to act upon is better than a lot that is too heavy for you to bear.

13ـ قَليلٌ يَخِفُّ عَلَيْكَ عَمَلُهُ خَيْـرٌ مِنْ كَثير تَسْتَثْقِلُ حَمْلَهُ.

14. Little that continues is better than a lot that is discontinuous.

14ـ قَليلٌ يَدُومُ خَيْرٌ مِنْ كَثير مُنْقَطِع.

15. How can one who does not abstain from lowly desires discover the delight of worship?

15ـ كَيْفَ يَجِدُ لَذَّةَ العِبادَةِ مَنْ لايَصُومُ عَنِ الهَوى؟!

16. How can one who has not been aided by [divine granted] success derive joy in worship?

16ـ كَيْفَ يَتَمَتَّعُ بِالعِبادَةِ مَنْ لَمْ يُعِنْهُ التَّوْفِيقُ؟!

17. One who seeks nearness [to Allah] is not brought closer [to Him] by anything other than the worship of Allah.

17ـ ما تَقَرَّبَ مُتَقَرِّبٌ بِمِثْلِ عِبادَةِ اللّهِ.

18. The worshipper without knowledge is like the donkey that drives a mill, it moves round and round but does not depart from its place.

18ـ اَلمُتَعَبِّدُ بِغَيْرِ عِلْم كَحِمارِ الطّاحُونَةِ، يَدُورُ وَلايَبْرَحُ مِنْ مَكانِهِ.

19. Verily a group worshipped Allah, the Glorified, out of desire [for reward] - that is the worship of the traders, and a group worshipped Him out of fear [of punishment] - that is the worship of the slaves, and a group worshipped Him out of gratitude - and that is the worship of the freemen.

19ـ إنَّ قَوْماً عَبَدُوا اللّهَ سُبْحانَهُ رَغْبَةً فَتِلْكَ عِبادَةُ التُّجارِ، وقَوْماً عَبَدُوهُ رَهْبَةً فتِلْكَ عِبادَةُ العَبيدِ، وقَوْماً عَبَدُوهُ شُكْراً فَتِلْكَ عِبادَةُ الأحْرارِ.