The Wretched

The Wretched-الشقي

1. The wretched is one who is proud of his condition and is beguiled by the deception of his hopes.

1ـ اَلشقيُّ مَنِ اغْتَرَّ بِحالِهِ وانْخَدَعَ لِغُرُورِ آمالِهِ.

2. The most wretched among you are the most greedy among you.

2ـ أشْقاكُمْ أحْرَصُكُمْ.

3. The most wretched of [all] people is one who sells his religion for someone else’s worldly gain.1

3ـ أشْقَى النّاسِ مَنْ باعَ دينَهُ بِدُنْيا غَيْرِهِ.

4. How many a wretched person has been visited by his death while he is striving to acquire [worldly gain].

4ـ كَمْ مِنْ شَقِيّ حَضَرَهُ أجَلُهُ وهُوَ مُجِدٌّ فِي الطَّلَبِ.

  • 1. Since any worldly gains he has will be transferred to his heirs after his death.