1. Two things whose value is not understood except by the one who has lost them are youth and health.

1ـ شَيْئانِ لايَعْرِفُ فَضْلَهُما إلاّ مَنْ فَقَدَهُما الشَّبابُ وَالْعافِيَةُ.

2. The ignorance of a youth is excused and his knowledge is undermined.

2ـ جَهْلُ الشّابِّ مَعْذُورٌ، وَ عِلْمُهُ مَحْقُورٌ.

3. Are those who are the prime of youth awaiting anything other than the stooping of old age?

3ـ هَلْ يَنْتَظِرُ أهْلُ غَضاضَةِ (بِضاضَةِ)الشَّبابِ إلاّ حَوانِيَ الْهَرَمِ.

4. Youthfulness and senility do not go together.

4ـ لا تَجْتَمِعُ الشَّبيبَةُ وَ الهَرَمُ.