Appendix 1: Doctrines of Shia Faith

(1) God: God is a Personal Unique Being, unlike Creation, Eternal, All-hearing, All-seeing, Omniscient, Glorious in Nature, Self-existent, Omnipotent, Bountiful, True, Just, as to Divinely qualify obedient devotes, Wise and Praiseworthy, Arrogating to Self on Commands and refrain, Sell-willed as to be ready to part with it to the trustworthy in punishing, rewarding, killing enlivening, and remitting, perfect, Self-sufficient, having no attributes of His creatures.

In other words, He is not in need of space for Self, time to take action to create, take account, punish or reward. He is not in need of rest to overcome fatigue as needed by creation or motion to bring into action His will. He has neither body, soul, form, shape, nor in need of penetration to qualify any with His attributes nor product, mass, nor in need of a son, a daughter, a wife, or a partner. As sole Sovereign, He is not emanon, ever indispensible to creation, thus able to withdraw bounty Supreme in will, invisible, invincible, immutable, intangible, incomprehensible, indefinite in circumspection, indefinable, indescribable.

He has declared himself, in His enlightened Book, cosmologically, ontologically, teleologically (to qualify them Divinely under Obedience) appealing to human reason, and through His chosen Divine Lights, taught of Him to stick to the cult thus anything attributed to Him in His unique unlike nature, or attributes personal (when expressed allegorically in qualifying His Devotees) or active or cult, giving reference to His Text, apart from His exposition by Divine Lights, is not acceptable, being association and contrary to Divine intuition and will of the sole Sovereign, self-willed, Whose will shall be done. Actions of Divine Lights lead to Divine Will – goal of humans and need to be emulated, if salvation, proximation to Divinity is desired.

(2) Prophetship: As there is no comparison between him as Creator and human as a creature, how can His will be declared and attributes be exemplified, except allegorically and through a medium He therefore created, before creation, Light of Mohammad, from whom emanated 13 other Lights, to so qualified all of whom, He declared, emanated, Lights of the remaining prophets, in proportionate degrees, who all thus so became Divinely taught. Their entire knowledge of the Text is limited to these 14 Divine Lights. Language whereof has, therefore, to be mostly allegorical, as creation at large being incompetent to appreciate it (well-being in comprehensible as at time in sleep of Ali lay His Will and slaying infidel Amr bin Abdewad in the Battle of the Trench).

This has been the case, with previous revelations of preceding prophets. None but these prophets are therefore entitled to comment on respective enlightened Books. Following them is like following the Divine Path. They manifest Divine Commands and Refrain, His unique Nature in sincere devotion to Him alone entirety in Divine Love, being duly authorized to lead on the Divine Way.

(3) Free Will and Pre-destination: This is unfathomable, beyond human reason. People, once being convinced of His existence, is bound to carry out the Commands of His Will, to exemplify which He produced models of “Divine Lights,” e.g. “wisdom” or Divine Knowledge is manifested in the Prophet as a messenger from Him, invincibility in Ali as a Divine Potence, forbearance in Hassan as Divine Clemency, patience in Hussain, modesty in Fatima, subject to withdrawal at Divine Will, so to infuse and maintain Divine Awe all acting as per Divine Will.

To manifest Divine attributes in Administration and glory when needed to obtain human goals to Divine proximity, by emulating them, praying forgiveness on Reckoning Day, for those who followed their way, as per their dictation, and cursing those who proved otherwise being slaves to their passions by following the devil, by disregarding their advice, and thus facing Divine Will, setting at naught, His Justice, Omnipotence, Self-will, Wisdom, and truth, and taking advantage of His Clemency, for their worldly actions without having an idea of having to account in the future and final condemnation on the Day of Reckoning as against those admitted to Divine Proximity, by having followed the Divine Lights, the repositors of Divine Will.

(4) Human obligations, laid down by God, are in nature creative and operative in action former fall under divine knowledge, and the latter issue under human agency, neither entirely free, nor determined completely by divinity, but in between. His will has been variously exposed as (1) an obligatory, (2) desirable, (3) illegal (4) undesirable and (5) optional functions. All obligations are conditional on (1) no hindrance to discharge them, (2) health, (3) capability of organs (4) and means available for the same, before justice is dispensed, on reward or punishment meted out by Divinity.

(5) “Kursi” is Divine Knowledge” restricted to God.

(6) “Arsh” is Divine Knowledge granted to “14 Lights”

(7) “Death” is tidings to the faithful, and threatening to infidels and doubtful to the sinful Shias, a world being a prison to the faithful, and paradise to the infidels. (Some faithful die smiling, which means rewards have started therefrom, others under suffering, which means terminating punishment therewith, whereafter follows comfort and vice versa for infidels, all based on justice) The state of a faithful after death is as though they returned home after a long journey and that of an infidel, a runaway slave brought before their master.

(8) Questioning in the grave: This is a fact and punishment there mainly pertains to (1) carrying tales, (2) ill-temper, and (3) disregard to purification of body for which they will be held up.

(9) Resurrection: This is a fact. (1) Prophet Ezra or Eremiya vide Couplet 259 of Surah “The Cow,” (2) Seven Sleepers of the Cave, (3) and enlivening of the dead by Jesus is a proof to the above. Even resurrection of Jesus is practically universally admitted by men of revealed religions. It cannot be construed with transmigration, as the latter denies (1) paradise, (2) perdition, and (3) Reckoning Day.

(10) Cistern (Houz-e-Kowser): It is a fact granted to the Prophet on which Ali shall feed his friends with water, where they shall never get thirsty the latter driving out his enemies.

(11) Intercession (Shafaat): This is a fact in Islam. Those whose tenets and cult are approved by God shall be entitled thereto.

(12) Reward and Punishment are facts as per Divine promise and justice, but self-will shall relax punishment.

(13) Records of Deeds: They are facts and wasteful talk and action being prejudicial to one’s interest, to be avoided.

(14) Reefs (aaraf) are elevated banks between hell and heaven upon which shall stand Divine Lights admitting those to paradise known to them and intercede on behalf of those standing by them.

(15) Bridge (Sirat) is a crossing for all and represents in the world in the person of Divine Lights knowledge of whom and compliance with their Commands shall lead to salvation.

(16) Detention of the Quarantine (Wukuf): These are 50 in number of 1000 years duration where the sinners shall be detained for their failings, as per proved charges against them.

(17) Questioning and Accounting: God shall question Prophets and later their successors and the successors shall demand accounts from their followers. This means God measures acts of HIS creatures, in a scale pan of Divine Lights. Of course, those who have no sins or their sins remitted due to penance are excepted; sins of culprits shall be established against them for their denial through witnesses of their own organs.

(18) Paradise and Hell: These are facts, as permanent abodes of bliss and pain for their residents and sinful unique worshippers, under intercession, shall merge from hell after undergoing punishment. Divine Selection to hurl to Hell is Mohammad and Ali (24th couplet of Surah Qaf).

(19) Associators of Divine Lights: Those who attribute, suspending divinity in administration of the world to them, like a sect in Jews, Christians, and Magians are worst to suffer on Reckoning Day as it denies His attribute of Indispensability to creation.

(20) Traditions: These are of four species (1) related by hypocrites to gain worldly interest are allegations against the Prophet, (2) those who heard from the Prophet but did not eschew properly, (3) those who heard but did not hear the subsequent superseding tradition, (4) those relating “de facto” are of Divine Lights.1

  • 1. Note: The last species is the only reliable and actionable, not conflicting with the Text; else it should be deemed to have been tampered with.