In attempting to translate and compile a brief Shia Commentary in English, so far none done, reference has been made to the Urdu Commentary, viz. “Umdatul Bayan” and “Translation of the Glorious Qur’an by the late Syed Maqbool Ahmad of Delhi” who has restricted its exposition to Divine Lights (The Immaculate Ahl al-Bayt), heavenly born, inspired by Divinity, to exemplify in person, Divine Philosophy of the Text, and who shall bear witness to human acts. Each of his own age as also claimed by Jesus (vide St. John Chap. 7:7 – 8, Chap. 8:16). Their connection with Divine Text will continue to the Day of Reckoning.

Their exposition is genuine and avoids those exponents of other sects in Islam, to do away with litigation which is not the object aimed at here.

To shape the conduct and code of life of Readers, morals are drawn to properly understand the ethical value propounded in Divine Philosophy of the Glorious Qur’an, which is both a science and an art, at the same time. In fact, critical study of the lives of these Divine Lights, rightful exponents of the Text, will give a sound training in solution of problems of everyday life.

Following the Life of Ali, who is a hero of the Text, with that of the remaining members of the Ahl al-Bayt, about whose affection the prophet so often reiterated are inseparably connected tenets of the Shia sect, and their cult in Islam is absolutely based on their guidance.

The mighty ceremony in the Valley of Khum, consecrated by the Prophet on 18/12/9th Hijra, under Divine Commands, during his final pilgrimage is held to a great festival with the Shia sect. The sermon of the Prophet on that day, being of great importance with Shias has been brought under “Appendix A” in this Commentary.

Advantage of sermons of Shia preachers, occasionally visiting Hyderabad-Dn has been taken in for the elucidation, and on the ethical side, relative reference has been made in the New Dictionary of Thoughts to learned Divines.

As the composition and correction of prrofs of Divine Text and translation have been carried out singly, no pretensions to their freedom fromslips a failings, no pretensions to their freedom from slilps and falingins, otherwise, have been filed; rather benevolence of Shia perusers has been carved by corrections thereof.

To make it within reach of possible poket of every English knowing Shia faithful, actual expenses incurred in purchase of cheapest material, and meeting printing in charges consistent with its life and neatness, have been added to arrive at the rate, now offered at I.G. Rs. 0-2-d per set of 16 sheets bound of Arabic and English, in limited copies (1000) at Rs. v/8._ for the entire set (amount payable strictly in cash advance postage extra). In order to enable monthly purchase few hundreds of them, in suitable sets, will be issue. Those desirous of going to the whole text may please get their names registered with the undersigned.

Ali Mohammad Fazil Chinoy
11-8-437, Red Hills, Hyd
25th December, 1954