Appendix 2: Prophet’s Sermon near the Valley of Khum

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

All praise is due to Him, Who, with regard to human conception about Him, is far above and exalted and in spite of His unity is close to His Creation and in His sovereignty is Almighty and Glorious in His Supremacy. Whatever and wherever it is, it is not beyond the realm of His knowledge. He is circumspective over His Creation by virtue of Omnipotence and obviousness. Glorious, Self-existent, Praiseworthy, Eternal, Creator of all bodies and all Heavens and enlarger of extensible bodies, Prime Mover of Earth and Heavens, Praiseworthy, Sublime, Providence of Angels and souls, Obliging and Bountiful to all His creation, views every eye, although eyes cannot view Him, Merciful and Forbearing, Tolerant on endowing share of His boundless mercy to all and has obliged His creation with His Bounties, does neither hurry on avenging nor punishing the deserving, knows the hidden,, acquainted with secrets of hearts: hears of the future events are not hidden from Him, nor is there room for suspicion in private affairs.

He is circumspecting all with His Might and His Might pervades everything and His Potence is over all. Nothing is like Him and He is Creator of everything when nothing existed, and shall be eternal, ever steady with injustice. There is no other God except Him, Mighty and Wise. His Entity is above human conception, although He perceives and He fathoms everything, none can discern Him physically nor can any comprehend as to His Being by invisible or visible means, except by obvious evidence adduced on Self-assertion.

I testify His sublimity has over-whelmed always, His Light enveloped eternally all, and His Commands without any opinion to share is ruling everywhere. There is none to advise on His pre-destination and there is no contravention in His Designs. Whatever form He has endowed has been original in its being, there was no similitude existing ere that, whatever He created, He neither took help of any nor had He to worry nor had He to put an excuse, whenever He thought of creating anything, it was there, and when created was in existence. It is He, God, except Whom there is none other Perfect in His Architecture, Creator of Good, just, never tyrannizes, merciful, reversion of everything is unto Him.

I testify everything before His Might is humble and everything due to His Awe is submissive, Lord of all angels, Prime Mover of all Heavenly Bodies, setting the sun and the moon on duty, revolving each for a definite period, over-powers night by day and vice versa, sets one to succeed another, Breaker of head of every tyrant, and destroyer of every headstrong devil, none to face Him, not His partner, Alone, Self-sufficient, has no son nor is He son to any nor any other creator like Him, Alone, mighty Providence, Sublime.

Is what He wills, what He intends, settles immediately, He knows and fully well. He kills and enlivens, reduces to poverty and enriches. He makes us laugh and weep, near and far, withdraws and endows, He wields power every way, ever praiseworthy, all welfare is under His sway and He, it is, controlling everything, sends night into day and vice versa. There is no other God, except Mighty Forgiver, acceptor of prayers, boundless endower, circumspective Providence of spirit and humans, nothing is difficult for Him, neither complaint of the afflicted worries Him, nor bewailing of the crier constrain Him.

Protector of the virtuous and Be fitter of the salvable, Lord of the Worlds, has right of acknowledgement from every one of His Creation, and every one in pleasure and pain, adversity and prosperity should praise Him. I believe in Him, His angels, His texts, His Messengers, her His Commands, ready to obey Him and comply with His Will and fear to incur his Wrath, for none should feel safe against His avenge, but simultaneously be not afraid He will do injustice. I own to be His creature and testify to His being my Lord and fulfil what is revealed unto me, with the fear did I not fulfil it, calamity may befall me, which none can divert, be he how much so ever designer. There is no other Creator except Him, He has informed, commands, which I have received now, if not transmitted, I shall be deemed not to have discharged my duty as a messenger.

And the Lord Almighty has undertaken to protect me from any injury likely to occur on this account. God alone is Enough and Merciful, Who has in these words revealed unto me, “I begin in the Name of God, the Merciful and compassionate.” Oh Prophet, transmit whatever regarding Ali from your Providence has been revealed to you and if you did not do so, it would tantamount to your not having discharged your duty as a messenger and God shall rescue you from Evil men.

Oh you people, whatever He has revealed unto me I have never lagged in its transmission and now in consideration of the dignity of the revelation, I am explicitly describing, Gabriel came to me thrice and from my Providence, Who is assuring safety unto me, has brought his message with peace. I should stand over here and to every white and black, inform Ali, son of Abu Talib, “My cousin, is my successor and my Khalifa (Imam, Leader). His position, with relation to me, is like Aaron and Moses, with this difference, there shall be no prophet after me (as prophetship ends with me). Of course, he, after God and Prophet, is Lord of you all, and in this connection, God has already sent me a special couplet and this is, “It is nothing but you Lord is God, His Prophet and those faithful, saying prayers and in a state of kneeling pay tithe, ‘Ali ibn Abu Talib said prayers and paid tithe, in state of kneeling and in every state, he had Divine Will in view and o you people, I desired Gabriel to pray to God to exempt me from transmission of this message; for this reason, I know, in which few are pious among you and many hypocrites, and ready to act sinfully and ready to ridicule Islam, to seek an excuse are those who have been described by God in His text thus: They utter with their tongue what is not in their hearts and thus for this reason they regard it an ordinary thing, although with God it counts grave, and how often have they grieved me.

So much so, they have named me that “He (is) an ear through and through,” and have thought me alike, for this reason I retain Ali, constantly, with me, attending more to him, until God sent me this command respecting him.” “And among them are such who grieve the Prophet and say, ‘he is an ear through and through,’ you say in contradiction thereto to them, ‘who takes you, it is god for you to have such ears and if I like to point out their names, I can do so, and if I want to point them out, I can do so, and if I desire to give them their position, I can do so, but God, respecting them, has barred Generously, but God the Almighty did not accede to this prayer of mine, and gives this command, “Whatever from him is revealed I should transmit” then read it out, oh Prophet, regarding Ali, whatever your Providence has revealed unto you, you transmit, and if you did not do so, not, as though, you did not discharge His duty as a Messenger, and God shall protect you against mischief mongers.

Oh people, know definitely God has made certainly Ali for you such a Lord, Imam, obedience to whom is obligatory to emigrants, to Ansar (of Medina) too and to those who are under him in virtue and to those in the Desert and in the non-Arabs and Arabs, free and slaves too, to children and old too, to the white and the black too; this Command shall act on one believing in God as “Alone” He shall have to admit His word, and His command shall rule. Those who shall contravene Him, shall be cursed, those who shall obey him and verify him shall be mercified. God Himself has termed them forgiven, also those who listen to him and obeys him, too.

Oh you people, this is the final place, where I make him my successor, so listen to and follow and obey the commands of your Providence, God the Glorious is your Providence, your Lord and your Creator, after Him, your Prophet, Mohammad is your Lord, who, while standing is delivering a sermon and after me, under your Lord’s commands Ali is your Lord and Imam, then, until dooms day, i.e. until the day when you will be presented before God and His Prophet, Imamate shall continue in my progeny, which shall be of Ali’s lineage.

Nothing shall be lawful except what God has legalized, and nothing shall be unlawful except what God has made illegal. He has transmitted some lawful and unlawful and I have entrusted Knowledge of Divine text, lawful and unlawful to Ali, Leader of the Pious. There is no such science which I have not taught Ali.

He is Imam-i-Mubin. Oh people, leaving him, do not go anywhere: so be not separate from him, and do not disapprove him to be your Lord because he alone shall guide you on the Divine way, he alone shall act on Divine Commands and he alone shall nullify false claims. He alone shall prevent you from false claims, while discharging Divine duties he is not afraid of any taunters, then know it for certain, he is the first who brought faith in God and His Prophet and who sacrificed his life for the Prophet and in company with the Prophet, prayed to God, when none other among men was the Prophet’s companion. Admit his superiority when God has bestowed and believe in his leadership, as God has nominated him as such.

Oh men, he is Imam, Divine Nomination and God shall never accept penance of any who is defiant of his Lordship and shall never forgive, and it is necessary for God to treat him, in a manner, whereby shall he soon suffer most intense and matchless punishment, who concerning Ali, contravenes Divine Commands, avoid going against him lest you may be condemned to fire, fuel whereof, is man and rock (of sulphur) which is prepare for infidels. Your predecessors were given tidings on account of me, be they saints and prophets in which I am the lord of all saints and prophets and to all (creature), be they of Heaven or Earth, I am the Divine Light (proof to declare Providence).

Those who are in doubt about it, is such an infidel as used to be in times of ignorance and those who doubt least little bit of my words, is as though they doubted all affairs and for the latter is hell. Oh you people, God, out of His mercy and bounty, which every moment attends on me has given me precedence which I should ever praise Him, barring Whom there is no other God. Oh you people, respect Ali after me. To all men and women, he is superior, due to us only, God provided provision and all creation exists on this account.

Those who discard this claim of mine is cursed, is cursed under Divine Wrath, although it does not agree with his views, beware Gabriel has transmitted this message to me, from God and He Himself says, “He who is inimical to Ali does not befriend him, is cursed by Me, and shall be cast on him Divine Wrath. Thus, everyone should consider necessarily, “what he is sending ahead, for tomorrow, for self.” Fear God and do not defy Him. After steadfastness, you may not get shaky; verily God is acquainted with your acts.

Oh you people, Ali is close to God (not physically, but by virtue of his having been endowed with Divine Attributes) regarding which God reveals in His Text. Some will repent (on Dooms Day they did not appreciate “Janbu-Allah”). Oh you people, contemplate on text and understand its couplets, discern its fundamental couplets relating (to tenets of Islam) and do not follow couplets which are susceptible of diverse applications (against authorized versions thereof). Now, by God, except Ali, whose hand I have held, and whom I have raised on my sides and whom I have supported by my side shall open the warnings for you.

Count explicitly thereon and he will be your teacher. Verily, this Ali is “Lord of those whose Lord I am,” and this Ali, son of Abu Talib, my cousin and my successor, and his lordship is under Divine nomination which is revealed unto me. Oh you people, this Ali and all my immaculate progeny are minor trust, and your major trust is Divine text and each of them is companion to the other and shall not separate until they reach me at the cistern. They are among creations, His Trustworthy Representatives (to follow them is following god as they are personified) and Divine nominees Lords on earth.” Beware explicitly have I declared.

See, God revealed and I communicated. remember, there shall be no other leader of the faithful, except this cousin of min, and for no other, except him, commandership of the faithful shall be justifiable, then striking on his shoulder raised him until his feet reached the level of his knees, although he had held his hand from before when he was in the alter, then said, “This Ali, my cousin and my successor, and treasure of my knowledge, and is my representative on my followers, and the Elucidator and Expositor of the text and inviter to God and shall act on what God wills, and shall fulfill against God’s enemies and shall befriend on Divine obedience, and shall prevent you from disobedience to Him, representative of God and Prophet, leader of the faithful, shall take you to God and under Divine commands to fight against those who breach Divine Covenant and who shall turn away from truth (God) against renegades.

Is say in accordance with Divine commands and it will not be rejected and I say under Divine commands, “Oh God, You befriend him who befriends Ali, and be inimical to him who is inimical to him, and curse him who refuses (to admit him, as his Lord) and cast Your wrath on him who denies his rights.” Oh God, You did reveal unto me in which leadership is for Ali, your Wali (friend) and when I described it openly and appointed Ali as my successor, “You did reveal this couplet whereby You did complete the religion of Your creatures and did fulfil Your Bounties and approve for them ‘Islam’ as their religion and commanded ‘his religion shall not be accepted, who is desirous of seeking any other except Islam” and shall be sufferer in Eternity. “Oh my Lord, I pray You be a witness which I transmitted (Your message).

Oh you people, it is nothing but God. The Almighty fulfilled Islam the religion with his leadership.” He who does not admit his (Imamate) Leadership, and after him until Doomsday, from my progeny, and of his descent, wherever be his representative, he does not accept him as his leader, when he shall be presented before God, shall be one, whose acts shall have been voided, and shall be in hell forever. God shall not mitigate his punishment, and no time be given to him. Oh you people, Ali is of you all, the greatest of my assistants, and is nearest to me of you all, and the most respectful to me of you all, and both God, the Almighty and myself are pleased with him.

No such couplet of Divine will has been revealed unto me which does not pertain to him and God has nowhere addressed the faithful unless He has commenced with him, and no couplet on Divine Text re-appreciation has been revealed which does not relate to him and God the Almighty, in revelation of the Chapter of Humanity has given tidings of paradise and especially for him and this Chapter has not been revealed for any but them. None but he is appreciated therein. Oh you faithful, he is to reinforce Divine Faith on Behalf of Divine Prophet, he is to litigate and fight, and your Prophet is best of all and your Imam best of all Imams, and of his descent shall be the best Imams.

Oh you people, every prophet had his progeny from him, and my progeny shall be of Ali’s descent. Oh you people, the arch angle was expelled due to his jealousy of Adam, so you be jealous of Ali, else all your acts shall be voided and your footsteps will totter. Adam’s forsaking of one preferable act led him down to Earth, though he was God’s chosen devotee. What shall be your condition when you are what you are, and among you, some are God’s enemies. Beware, none but the miserable shall bear grudge unto him, and none but the selected of God, shall befriend him, and none but the sincere faithful shall believe in him. Verily, in his appreciation has God revealed in chapter on “The Period,” which he repeated, commencing in the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Oh you people, I have made God a witness in transmitting the message of prophetship and on prophet is nothing but openly describing. Oh you people, fear God, to the due degree, and do not die but a true Muslim. Oh you people, put faith in God and his Prophet and Divine Light sent therewith before your faces are obliterated and then turned backward.

Oh you people, I have Divine Light in me, whereafter it will pass on to Ali and will thus pass on to Mehdi, who shall avenge on behalf of God and us to, because the God Almighty has made in us a cause for punishing this failing on duty to us: (a) those bearing enmity to us, (b) those facing us, (c) those who are dishonest to us, (d) those who are sinners, and (e) those who are tyrants.

Oh you people, I warn you, I am a prophet from God to you all. Other prophets have preceded me. If I die, or I am slain, will you turn back on your footsteps? Those who do so shall not harm God any way and God shall reward the grateful. Beware; Ali is qualified in patience and gratefulness and after him my progeny of his descent. Oh you people, do not express your obligation God for embracing Islam, else you will incur His ill will and His wrath will fall upon you. Verily, He is awaiting such criminals.

Oh you people, shortly after me shall be leaders who will be inviting people to Hell and will not be assisted on Reckoning Day. Oh you people, God and I both deny their acts (disapprove being unauthorized). Oh you people, certainly they all, i.e. their friends, their followers shall be cast in the lowest grade of Hell. What an awful destination of it is for the proud. Beware, these are the people who shall be the companions of Sahifa, to suspend (the records) in the holy sanctuary at Mecca. Those who desire can look into it.

Oh you people, I leave in my family Imamate and inheritance and I have transmitted the message I was instructed to do so as to be an argument against the present and the absent and against everyone who is present here or not, and who is born or not. It is obligatory to transmit it and continue the process until Dooms Day, and shortly shall people due to power and position, confiscate succession. Beware, God shall curse them who will deprive my inheritors and their companions when we shall be soon free to take account from you too, and flames of fire will envelop you and melted copper be poured on you when you will not stop it.

Certainly God is not going to leave you in the state in which you are unless He separates the vicious from the virtuous; it is not for God to acquaint you with the secret. Oh you people, there has not been a single community, which for its falsification has not been destroyed. Similarly, every tyrannical community shall be destroyed as he has described, and this is your Imam and Lord. This is God’s promise and He shall prove you so.

Oh you people, many before you have been misguided: God destroyed the preceding and shall destroy the succeeding. Verily, God has ordained me, and I have accordingly ordained Ali, and barred him, and Ali has learnt the Divine Commands of “Do and Refrain” and so yu listen to his action for your own safety and follow him to salvation and go where he intends you to take, less different courses may deviate you therefrom.

I am Divine Way, obedience to whom God has commanded. Thereafter is Ali’s Divine Way, then my sons of his descent, these very Leaders will lead public to Truth and shall dispense justice, then the Prophet repeated the whole Chapter on “Glorification” and all (Ahl al-Bayt) and for them is in general, and especially (for them). They are Divine Lights who have no fear of the future or sorrow for the past: beware god’s group is one to overpower all.

Know Ali’s enemies are those disobedient and transgressors and brethren to the devil, who deceive, go on breathing in misgivings in their ears. Beware all friends of Ali are faithful whom God has described in the Text, “You will not find those who believe in God and Dooms Day to befriend those who defied God and His Prophet. Beware God has described His friends, thus, “Those who embrace faith and did not mutilate their faith with tyranny (association) nor by disobeying Divine Lights, are in safety and in confidence and they are guided.

Beware friends of Ahl al-Bayt shall enter Paradise with peace and protection and angels shall salute them and address them “you have been pure and purified, enter Paradise unaccounted for.” Listen, their enemies shall enter in flaming hell; do not forget their enemies shall hear shouting of hell when it will be raging hot giving loud shrieks. Whenever any group shall enter therein, it shall curse its like group. Know they are enemies about whom God says, “When any group shall be hurled into it, Guard of hell shall question them, ‘had not a warner come to you?’”

Know the Ahl al-Bayt are friends to those who fear God unseen, and for them is forgiveness of sins and great reward, too. Oh you people, there is a great difference between flaming fire of hell and paradise. Our enemies are those whom God has disliked and cursed. Our friends are those who are friends to God and have been praised by Him. Oh you people, know I am a warner and Ali will take you to the intended destination. Oh you people, I am your Prophet and Ali is my successor and beware of the last Imam (Mehdi Qayem), shall be of my progeny.

Beware he who would vanquish all religions: know he will avenge tyrants, he will conquer and destroy forts. Know he will kill every group of associators and he will kill every group of associators, and he will avenge unlawful murders of friends. Know he will be an assistant to Divine religion. Beware he will draw water of knowledge from the deep see. He will nominate every distinctive man for his destination, and likewise to every ignorant man as per his ignorance. Know he will be Divine selected and approved. Know he will be inheritor of every science having entire mastery over it.

Note, he will advice on information on behalf of God. Note, he will be an exalted and learned Imam and note all affairs will be entrusted to him, know everyone who has preceded him has given his tidings. Know definitely, he alone shall remain as a representative of God and thereafter shall there be none else. Truth shall be with him and he shall have Divine Light. Know definitely none shall vanquish him and none shall succeed against him. Know on Earth he is God’s viceroy and nominated by Him as such. I have described openly for you and explained to you and this Ali, after me, will explain to you.

Know I shall call upon you on completion of my sermon, come over to owe fealty unto him, and to admit this is confirmation of it by giving in your hand in mine and thereafter give in your hand unto him. Know I have sworn fealty unto God and Ali has sworn unto me and I demand fealty of you unto him under God’s commands. Whoever shall breach it shall suffer self consequences thereof.

Oh you people, pilgrimage, Umra, Safa, and Marwa are God’s signs. Those who do pilgrimage to Mecca or performs Umra, (it is obligatory on them to go up and down Safa and Marwa seven times). Oh you faithful, do pilgrimage to the holy sanctuary, for verily, those who shall go to pilgrimage shall be rich and those, in spite of affording, shall escape, shall be reduced to poverty. Oh you people, the faithful who shall stand in Arafat praying forgiveness of sins shall be forgiven of their sins to date (note significance of condition of being faithful). When he has completed pilgrimage, he had now better start anew his acts: the pilgrims shall be assisted and shall be compensated for their expenses, for verily, God does not void acts of the virtuous.

Do pilgrimage by fulfilling faith and following theology on full understanding and do not return from Holy sanctuaries without penance, and intention to avoid sins in future and purifying self. Oh you people, pray and pay tithe, as God has commanded and if your period is extended and if you fail in discharge of your duty or you forget, this Ali is your Lord, he will expose those things openly to you, whom God has appointed after me, and him has he appointed, His and mine Khalifa (representative). He will show you Divine Injunctions and will expose you what you do not know.

Remember, the number of lawful and unlawful is not unlimited, nor can I enumerate them all. Of course, at one place, I order you to do legal and to prevent you from illegal therefrom. I am commanded about Ali, who is Leader of the Faithful and about his successors (i.e. 11 Imams). They are of you and through Ali’s descent and they shall remain until the Day of Judgment as one group, among whom shall be Mehdi who will decide on Truth, and whatever has been revealed to me in connection with him, let me exact fealty from you, so you give your hand into mine.

Oh you people, whatever legal I have point out to you and every illegal which I have prevented you from, know, do not deter from one another and never change or tamper with it. Look here, I am again renewing it. Remember, say prayers, pray tithe, order virtues, refrain from evil and remember in ordering virtue, the principal fact is to act according to my words and to transmit it to him who is not present to hear the same (due to absence or not born), so as to make them admit it and prevent them from discarding it, for this is Divine Command and my orders are the same which “without Imam’s command or consent to participate in crusade, confirmation, or recognition neither duty of ordering virtues nor commands to refrain therefrom are valid.”

The text points you out which successive Imams shall be of his descent and I have also advised you which he is of me and I am of him, where God commands, “He has fixed in his progeny His Light and I have said so long as you are attached to these two, you shall never be misguided.” Oh you people, adopt piety, fear the day of Reckoning, as He has said, “The Quake of Judgment day is a mighty affair.”

Remember death and rendering of account, remember testing and accounting in Divine presence, remember reward and punishment. Those who shall come with virtue shall be rewarded accordingly and those who present a vise shall have no share in paradise. Oh you people, there are many among you who with one hand, swear fealty unto me, but God has commanded me I should take an admission thereof from your tongues, I have nominated leadership of Ali for the faithful and thereafter of his successors who shall be from mine and of his descent, as I have advised you in which my family shall proceed from his descent.

So now you all jointly say “Whatever you from Our Providence and your Providence in connection with Ali and in connection with the rest of the leaders who shall be his inheritors and of his descent have said, we are going to listen to, and believe into, are willing and ready to obey sincerely with all our hearts, tongues, and hands on this we swear fealty unto you and on this shall we live and die and rise alive again. We shall neither change our tamper therewith nor lend a room to doubt or suspicion nor shall change from this trust nor breach this covenant ever, and we shall obey God, you and Ali, the Commander of the Faithful, and those of his descent of whom you have made a mention, who will be your progeny and of his descent, of whom first are Hassan and Hussain, and thereafter of Hussain’s whose connections with me and their position before God my Providence, I have clearly pointed you out, in which they are youthful Chiefs of Paradise barring me and Ali.” I am, by Divine Commands, nominated their father before Ali and now you say, “We have obeyed God in this respect.” Obey you and Ali and Hassan and Hussain and those Commanders whom you have mentioned and this is the promise and covenant of us which for Ali with all our hearts, souls and tongues we fulfil by placing our hands into the Prophet’s hands, and who took both of them in their arms and admitted their excellence by tongue and said, We shall never in their place select anybody else so long as we are alive and shall never turn away from this promise.”

We call upon God to bar witness and God is enough to testify and you are also a witness thereto and everyone who is obedient to God is also a witness be they present or absent and God’s angels, God’s army and God’s creatures are witness and of all witnesses God is mightiest. Oh you people, what do you say, for verily, God discerns all sounds and knows all secret discourses. Now, whoever is guided is benefitting self for it and who is misguided is to suffer for self, who swears fealty, e.g. on his hand, is Ali, Hassan, and Hussain and to their remaining Commanders who are Divine Lights thereafter. Those who shall turn out faithless shall be destroyed by God and who shall fulfil shall receive mercy from God and those who breach this fealty shall reap evil consequences thereof.

Whatever I have said unto you, say, “From now onwards salute Ali as Commander of the Faithful,” and say “We have heard and obeyed.” Oh our Providence, we are desirous of Your forgiveness and to You is the reversion. And say, all praise is due to God, Who has guided us to this and If God has not guided, we would not have been guided. Oh you people, before god, Ali is highly appreciated and whatever He has given in His text are more than I can describe at any place in a sermon and therefore, whoever informs you about them or declares him to you, better confirm him.

Oh you people, those who obey God, the Prophet, Ali and those Divine Lights (11 Imams) whom I have mentioned shall achieve mighty success. Oh you people, who are foremost in swearing fealty unto Ali and in befriending him and accepting as Commander of Faith shall succeed to Heavenly bounties. Oh you people, say which brings you Divine Will, then if you and all others apostate shall not affect God anyway. Oh God, forgive all faithful men and women and cast Your wrath on infidel men and women and all praise is due to Providence of all Worlds.