Appendix 3: Divine Text and Divine Lights

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

God the Almighty in Surah Rahman says:

سَنَفْرُغُ لَكُمْ أَيُّهَ الثَّقَلَانِ

“Shortly shall He reveal unto you oh Mighty Divine Text and Lights [on Dooms Day to give evidence as to who listened to you and who disregarded you].(55:31)

The Prophet said:

“I am leaving behind two heavy (Trusts) with you, the Divine Text and my family (Infallibles). If you adhere to them you shall never be misguided and they shall never separate (interpreting Divine Commands) until they revert to the Cistern (unto me).

Imam Ali said:

“It is an advice which does not deceive, a guide which does not lead astray, a history which does not lie, and those who associate with it shall enhance their guidance and reduce ignorance, its recommendation on Dooms Day shall not be subjected. It has remedial effects on your deadly hearts desires, viz. infidelity, hypocrisy, seduction, misguidance, and subject to trippings.

Compare your tenets and falsify them wherein they differ from it, and locate mischief of further passion therewith. God enhances bounties of a house wherein it is read (by forbidding wasteful expenditure, and economizing legal earnings and scoring eternal deposits, provided it is read slowly, with meaning and is acted upon). Thus it is lucrative to the faithful in healing the heart maladies and guarding the income earned, physically, mentally, and morally and its ruinous to the cause of transgressors. When national disasters, for violation of Divine Commands are anticipated, they are averted by the children learning text and aged engaged in prayers. It is revealed in gravity to maintain the state while reading it, praying forgiveness of sins, when Divine punishment is threatened and pray for paradise, when promise are held out to the virtuous.

Reading slowly, understanding its meaning and by looking in the book is superior to otherwise; reduces punishment of parents, if infidel.

Below are briefly touched special benefits of each individual Surah.

No. Surah Brief Benefits (on reading as desired)
1 Al-Fatiha Whoever reads it is as though they read two-third of the text; source or medium of praying any bounty.
2 Al-Baqarah Source of Divine Mercy, devil will keep off (for three days or nights).
3 Aali-‘ Imran Reading on Friday calls for Divine mercy until evening.
4 An-Nisa’ Reading on Friday gets freedom from compassion of the grave.
5 Al-Ma’ida Reading on Thursday gets freedom of faith, admired with tyranny and association.
6 Al-An’aam Reading of it will bring in praying of forgiveness for those from 70,000 angels until Dooms Day.
7 Al-A’raaf Reading of it will exempt them from the devil’s misgivings.
8 Al-Anfal Reading of it will bring in the Prophet’s intercession
9 At-Tawbah Reading once a month will remove hypocrisy from the heart and be a follower of Divine Lights.
10 Yunus Whoever reads once, every two or three months, shall not remain among the ignorant.
11 Hud Reading on Friday will give them room in company of Divine Light.
12 Yusuf Reading daily will remove dread of dreadful day.
13 Ar-Ra`d Constant reading will exempt from Lightening effects.
14 Ibrahim Abraham Reading on Friday on two rakats in prayers
15 Al-Hijr Will exempt from poverty and madness.
16 An-Nahl Reading of it will not have to account of worldly Divine bounties.
17 Al-Isra’ Reading on Friday night shall visit the 12th Divine Light or included of his follower.
18 Al-Kahf Whoever reads it will get paradise.
19 Maryam Whoever reads it every night shall die a martyr.
20 Ta Ha Whoever reads it gets affinity and records of deeds in right hand.
21 Al-Anbiya' Whoever reads it shall have soft rendering of accounts.
22 Al-Hajj Reading every third day will bring them “pilgrimage of the year.”
23 Al-Mu’minun Whoever reads it on Friday will have ended well.
24 An-Nur Daily Whoever reads it will save themselves from fornication.
25 Al-Furqan Whoever reads it shall be raised as having believed, verifier of Day of Judgment.
26 Ash-Shu`ara' . Whoever reads it on Friday night shall be included amongst “Friends of God” and remain under Divine care and will not be poor in the world, being married to a hundrednymphs in Paradise.
27 An-Naml As Surah 26
28 Al-Qasas As Surah 26
29 Al-`Ankabut Whoever reads it on 23rd night of the Holy month of Ramadan is one of Paradise.
30 Ar-Rum As Surah 29
31 Luqman Whoever reads it is exempt from the devil’s influence.
32 As-Sajdah Whoever reads it on Friday shall be right-handed, holding deed record in right hand.
33 al-Ahzab Frequent readers shall win them neighbour of the Prophet in Eternity.
34 Saba' Whoever reads it in any day gets protected and so might reader, during night.
35 Fatir As Surah 34
36 Ya Sin Whoever reads it for Divine Will shall be forgiven of all sins.
37 As-Saffat Whoever reads it on Friday remains exempt from calamities.
38 Sad Whoever reads it remains protected from major sins.
39 Az-Zumar Whoever reads it shall not be despondent.
40 Al-Ghafir Whoever reads it, every third shall have his past or future sins forgiven.
41 Fussilat Whoever reads it will produce for themselves a light on judgment plain.
42 Ash-Shura Whoever reads it will bring angels to pray.
43 Az-Zukhruf Whoever reads it shall have no sorrow for the past or grief in future and safety from grave.
44 Ad-Dukhan Whoever reads it on Friday gets sins forgiven.
45 Al-Jathiyah God shall hide drawbacks of whoever reads it.
46 Al-Ahqaf Whoever reads it (Friday night or day) shall be safe from worldly and eternal agonies.
47 Muhammad Whoever reads it shall taste Paradise Founts, shall never doubt his faith, free from association.
48 Al-Fath Protect your property, family and self by reading this.
49 Al-Hujurat Whoever reads it (day or night) shall be included amongst those who visited the Prophet.
50 Qaf Pains of partition of soul will be alleviated in favour of its reader.
51 Ad-Dhariyat Whoever reads it during the day will develop their means of livelihood and shall have light in the grave.
52 At-Tur Whoever reads it will remain exempt from punishment.
53 An-Najm Every day or night reader will be admired by the public at large.
54 Al-Qamar Whoever reads it shall ride the camel of paradise.
55 Ar-Rahman God shall have mercy of age and infirmity of whoever reads it regularly
56 Al-Waqi`ah Angels won’t consider whoever reads it negligent.
57 Al-Hadid Whoever reads it shall visit the 12th Divine Light.
58 Al-Mujadilah Whoever reads it shall be among those who attain salvation.
59 Al-Hashr Whoever reads it shall visit the 12th Divine Light.
60 Al-Mumtahanah Whoever reads it shall succeed in securing intercession from the faithful.
61 As-Saff Whoever reads it shall visit the 12th Divine Light.
62 Al-Jumu`ah Do
63 Al-Munafiqun Whoever reads it shall avoid devil’s misgivings.
64 At-Taghabun Whoever reads it shall visit the 12th Divine Light.
65 At-Talaq Reading of it in prayer shall save him from grief and sorrow.
66 At-Tahrim Same as Surah 65
67 Al-Mulk Whoever reads it before sleep, shall ever remain in Divine protection.
68 Al-Qalam Whoever reads it in prayers (obligatory and voluntary) shall not suffer poverty.
69 Al-Haqqah Whoever reads it shall have light rendering of accounts.
70 Al-Ma`arij Constant reading will save one against sins.
71 Nuh Believer in God and Prophet should not give reading it.
72 Al-Jinn Constant reading will save themselves against ill-effects of spirits.
73 Al-Muzammil Whoever reads it will set free from pains of world and eternity.
74 Al-Mudathir Whoever reads it in prayers secures neighbourhood of the Prophet.
75 Al-Qiyamah In the Judgment Day Archangel Gabriel will attest the tur belief of whoever reads it.
76 Al-Insan Paradise is gift of whoever reads it, especially every Thursday morning.
77 Al-Mursalat God shall create acquaintance between the Prophet and whoever reads it.
78 An-Naba' Whoever reads it will get pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj).
79 An-Nazi`at Whoever reads it shall not have to account on Day of Judgment.
80 `Abasa Whoever reads it shall come smiling on Reckoning Day.
81 At-Takwir Whoever reads it shall not be disgraced when record of deeds shall be opened.
82 Al-Infitar God shall not reject the requisition of whoever reads it.
83 Al-Mutaffifeen Whoever reads it in obligatory prayers will get salvation from hell.
84 Al-Inshiqaq Whoever reads it in obligatory prayers will get salvation from hell.
85 Al-Buruj Whoever reads it during obligatory prayers shall rise with the Prophet.
86 At-Tariq Whoever reads it in obligatory prayers shall be a companion of the Prophets.
87 Al-A`la Angels will allow whoever reads it during obligatory and optional prayers to enter through any gate of Paradise.
88 Al-Ghashiya Whoever reads it will have to render easy account.
89 Al-Fajr Whoever reads it during the ten night of Dhul Hajja during obligatory and voluntary prayers shall be forgiven.
90 Al-Balad Whoever reads it shall avoid Divine Wrath.
91 Ash-Shams Whoever reads it shall be testified by everyone until they are admitted in paradise.
92 Al-Layl As Surah 91
93 Ad-Duha Do
94 Ash-Sharh Do
95 At-Tin Whoever reads it gains safety and certainty.
96 Al-`Alaq Whoever reads it (day and night) if he dies shall be a martyr.
97 Al-Qadr Whoever reads it in prayers will be forgiven of sins (better loudly).
98 Al-Bayyinah Whoever reads it is exempt from Association.
99 Az-Zalzala Whoever reads it in optional prayers saves self from quake.
100 Al-`Adiyat Constant readers shall rise with Imam ‘Ali.
101 Al-Qari`ah God shall make heavy the virtue of whoever reads it.
102 At-Takathur God shall not account for bounties of the world from those who read it.
103 Al-`Asr Whoever reads it will end well.
104 Al-Humazah Whoever reads it in compulsory prayers will avoid poverty.
105 Al-Fil Whoever reads it will not be transformed ill.
106 Al-Quraish Whoever reads it will have a paradise horse to take him to paradise.
107 Al-Ma`un Whoever reads it will be forgiven by God.
108 Al-Kawthar Whoever reads it will drink Paradise fountains.
109 Al-Kafirun Whoever reads it will avoid devil’s influence.
110 An-Nasr Whoever reads it in obligatory and voluntary prayers will be given a success over enemy.
111 Al-Masad Whoever reads it will not be among members of hell.
112 Al-Ikhlas Whoever reads it (1000) times in one day and night, shall see their destination before death.
113 Al-Falaq Useful as amulets.
114 An-Nas Do