Appendix 7: Abstract of Prayers of Four Divine Lights to Grant Amiable Character

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Oh God, shower Your mercy on Mohammad and his revered family, fulfil my faith, strengthen my belief, perfecting intentions, improve my affairs, and with Your might rectify y ills. Save me from avocations, anxiety whereof engages me, and employ me in what You shall question me on the Day of Judgment, and enable me to pass my days in what You have created me. Do not throw me dependent on others, enhance my provisions and do not try me with the evil eye, whereby I envy, be jealous, bear malice, or practice fornication. Endow on me honour, do not cast me to take being wasted, through self-praise. Let others benefit through me, and endow on me guidance, such as I should not stand in need of others, and wherefrom I may not turn.

Do not raise my stand before the public until degrading me before self in like degree, and do not create any toward respect until an equally inward self-degradation is created in me. When my souls is diverted to worldly acts, seize me, prior to enhancement of Your wrath, shower Your mercy on Mohammad and his revered family, and do not leave me in such a condition wherein there may be defects without rectifying same, and endow on me love vice malice towards others. Friendship, vice, envy of enemies, confidence in virtue vice suspicion, proximity to my near ones vice their separation, gift vice their denial, remembering them in good terms, vice their backbiting me, thanksgiving for a kindly return, obligation to relations vice their disobedience, sincerity, vice flatter.

Bestow on me strength to withstand tyrants and tact to overcome their tricks in speech and acts. Guide me to obey Him who rectifies me, shower Your mercy on Mohammad and his revered family and perfect my obedience to You in maintaining (1) justice, (2) self-mastery, (3) quenching the fire of hostility, (4) befriending forsakers, (5) to denying internal dissensions, (6) spreading virtue, (7) over-looking shortcomings, (8) bearing forbearance, (9) maintaining politeness, (10) adopting leniency, (11) giving up and finding fault, (12) approving doling of gifts, (13) giving more to undeserving, (14) speaking the truth, (15) under-rating self-virtue, (16) over-rating self-views, (17) ever complying, (18) associating virtuous, (19) avoiding innovators.

When I grow old, endow on me energy and do not try me, whereby I avoid Your obedience, be misguided, talk against Your will, associate Your enemies, avoid Your friends, and guidance to glorify You, meditating on Your bounties, Your glory, during creation of infernal desire in me, suspicion, jealousy, speaking ill of others, dishonouring and back-biting faithful, bearing false witness, abusing or revelling in like talk. Endow on me chastity so I die for You, live for You. Heal me with Your blessings. I have nothing to pride on, save to depend on Your grace, for all Your gifts. Guard me under Your protection and do not try me whereby I engage in search of excessive provision, making wasteful expenditure or suffer pangs of earning a livelihood. Endow on me unaccountable provision whereby I may not have to lift the load of evil consequences of amassing wealth sacrificing time needed for your remembrance and do not turn me a beggar, thus degrading one.

Shower Your mercy on Mohammad and his revered family and endow on me gifts of acceptance of my prayers, achievement of forsaking the world and acquisition of true knowledge, by engaging in earning lawful provision, maintaining piety and enduring my life in Your forgiveness and grace, awakening me to your remembrance during negligence and lightening of path leading to Your love, thus perfecting my welfare in this world and eternity. Guide me to pray to you and importune to You alone in straits and barring You, not to seek assistance from anyone else, during helplessness and not to lower self before any save You during need, else I shall render myself capable of being thrown away outside your sight of mercy. Grant me safety and success on Resurrection and raising from the grave, for You are my Saviour during grief and hope and during disappointment, rectifier of my ills.