Appendix 8: (Ali’s) Confidential Inter-course of Sentiments

1. I begin in the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Oh my Lord, shower Your mercy on Mohammad and his infallible. Hear my supplication when I pray unto You and listen to my secretes when I expose them to You, for I have fled unto You and presented myself before You, downtrodden, beseeching, nevertheless hoping in Your bounties which are known unto You along with my needs being acquainted therewith, and are not secreted from You, my changing behaviour, my final destination and with what I propose to have holy communion with You, laying before You my wants with which I desire my end, and verily You decree in my favour and already been set on what shall proceed from me secretly and openly from the beginning to the end of my life, and certainly lies in Your hands alone, and with none other else, its increase and decrease to my profit or loss.

2. Oh my Lord, if You do disappoint me, who else can provide for me, and if You do disgrace me, who else can help me? Oh my Lord, I seek Your shelter against your wrath and its downcast. Oh my Lord, if I am unworthy of Your mercy, verily You are generous of Your boundless grace. Oh my Lord, do I view myself standing before you and verily has overcast shadow of my pretty confidence in you. You command what You deem fit, and covered me with Your forgiveness in the past. Oh my Lord, if You have forgiven, who else is more deserving than you, and if death approaches me without Your proximation due to my evil deeds, verily have I admitted my sins to plead my case for forgiveness. Oh my Lord, verily have I dared myself by viewing my case. Woe to me if You do not forgive me.

3. Oh my Lord, ever have been Your bounties on me during the worldly life, so cut not of the same after death. Oh my Lord, how can one viewing at your hopeful mercy, despair of it after death when hitherto You have not disapproved? Rather, viewed affectionately in my life time. Oh my Lord, approve my acts with Your befitting generosity, extending grace to a sinner whose ignorance has involved him. Oh my Lord, verily did You hood wing my failings and I stand in need thereof, all the more of their being masked in Eternity. Oh my Lord, verily did You oblige me by not exposing them before Your righteous souls, so I beseech You not to disgrace me on Reckoning Day in the presence of spectators.

4. Oh my Lord, Your generosity is my great trust to fall back on, whereas Your pardon is superior to my acts. Oh my Lord, cheer me when I stand before You during dispensation of justice to Your creatures on Judgment Day. Oh my Lord, I plead before You as one who cannot afford to be independent thereof, so condone my failings and absolve me therefrom. Oh most generous of the generous, before whom beseech the sinners. Reject not my wants and disappoint me not in my hopes and cut not them off, voiding my trust in You. Oh my Lord, if ever do You desire my destruction, verily would You not have guided me and if ever you did desire my disgrace, verily would You not have given me a shelter. Oh my Lord, I do not expect being turned out without granting of my wants from You, since I have consumed my life in their entreat unto You.

5. Oh my Lord, eternal has been Your glory on increase in degree without mitigation as do You desire and will. Oh my Lord, if You did hold me up in my crimes, do so with Your pardon, and if You do fling me into Hell certainly shall I declare to residents thereof Your love I cherish in my heart. Oh my Lord, on the side of obedience unto you is an insignificant share of my deeds. Verily is my hope on the side of my trust unto You, significant. Oh my Lord, how can I be expelled disgraced in disappointment from Your Gate, when certainly have I cherished hopes of Your generosity which You shall not send me back without being forgiven with salvation to boot.

6. Om my Lord, verily have I wasted my life in utter ignorance of You and youth in swoon, being distant from You. Oh my Lord, neither did I awake nor did I deviate from the path of Your wrath. Oh my Lord, I am a slave of Your slave, standing before You, beseeching Your generosity. Oh my Lord, I am a creature, supplicating for what I had been in the past to be condoned and now I am ready to be directed to Yourself for Your favour, due to lack of shame, and I beseech You for forgiving me, since the latter is an admirable attribute of Your generosity.

7. Oh my Lord, I have no strength to save myself, so do You swerve me from sins, except when I am awake in Your affection. Just as You do desire I should be grateful to You for being admitted within Your grace after being purified from the filth of negligence unto You. Oh my Lord, behold me with an eye, at one who beseeches You and You do reply unto him and divert him into Your assistance, for verily obedience unto You, oh You so near, who does not get far away from one lost in self-deception, and oh You generous, who does not reserve self from one, trusting unto You for requital.

8. Oh my Lord, grant my frightened heart, drawing near to Your truthful tongue raising me to You and active sight approximating You. Oh my Lord, he who recognizes You is not ignorant and he who sought Your shelter is not disgraced, and he who approached You is not a slave. Oh my Lord, who is delighted in You, is enlightened and he who sought Your shelter secured himself, and verily he is delighted in You. Oh my Lord, do not disappoint me in my hopes from Your mercy and veil me not from Your compassion.

9. Oh my Lord, enrol me in the list of Your lovers, giving me room reserved for the increase of Your love. Oh my Lord, inspire in me passion for Your remembrance and courage, seeking rest and success in Your names, and place of Your sanctity. Oh my Lord, it is for You to take me to the residence of the group, supplicating You and home of the pious of Your choice, for verily do I own no strength of my own to avoid neither evil nor energy to earn virtue.

10. Oh my Lord, I am a weak creature, a sinner and a defective slave, so do not count me among those turned out of Your presence and whose negligence has prevented them from Your condemnation. Oh my Lord, my entire devotion is to You, do You grant me enlightening eyes of my heart to view at Your grace until it pierces by burning veils of my heart to attain mine of the Glory, keeping my soul under suspension under Your grace. Oh my Lord, include me among those whom You did invite and who responded to Your call and whom do You behold and who fall in swoon in awe of Your glory and whom do You reveal what they discharge openly. Oh my Lord, let not despair gain on my pretty hopes in You and cut them not under Your handsome generosity.

11. Oh my Lord, if my failings have degraded me in Your eye, overlooks them out of my pretty trust in You. Oh my Lord, if my sins have lowered me in Your bounteous courtesy, verily have they informed me of Your past generous condonation. Oh my Lord, if my ignorance kept me unconscious of preparing the self to meet You verily has it informed me of the knowledge of Your generous gifts. Oh my Lord, if you did invite me, Your punishment to Hell, verily did You call me to paradise, Your countless requital.

12. Oh my Lord, I pray to You an beseech and importune to shower Your mercy on Mohammad and his infallible family, including me among those ever-remembering You, without breaching fealty to You and do not let me be ungrateful to You, under-estimating Your commands. Oh my Lord, take me to Your dignified Light which is the most pleasing whereby I became aware of You and deviate from them not knowing You and stand in awe of You, guarding the self against Your ill-will. Oh dignified and generous Lord, do shower Your mercy on Mohammad and his infallible pious family sending peace copiously unto them.