This booklet was initially written for the Bilal Muslim Mission of Tanzania by the renowned Muslim scholar Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi as the second unit of the Islamic Correspondence Course. It deals with the first Article of Faith namely at-Tawhid or Divine Unity.

Since we found the booklet extremely interesting, and our first publication of 5,000 copies was in such great demand by interested readers, this issue was subsequently reprinted more than ten times in large quantities for mass circulation.

Now, in this reprinted edition, the author has completely revised the booklet and has added more facts and information to support his theory.
Finally, we invoke the Almighty Allah for guidance and success in our work.

World Organization for Islamic Services ( WOFIS)
(Board of Writing, Translation and Publication)
Dhi'l-hijjah, 1398,
November, 1978.
Tehran - IRAN.