Appendix 1: Al-Ma’mun’s Answer After Receiving The Dissertation

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Praise belongs to Allah, Qualified for praise, and its Guardian, the end and beginning of it belongs to Him, the Possessor of blessings, favors, and kindness. I praise Him for His uninterrupted blessings and favors, and I praise Him for His gifts and grants with a praise that gives rise to His increase and brings (me) near to Him. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah with the witness of one who is loyal to Him through belief, not of the one who denies His Lordship and Oneness; rather the witness which confirms His ascription to Himself; and that He is just as He, the Great and Almighty, says: Say: He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. He begets not, nor is He begotten. And none is like Him. Such is our Lord, the Great and Almighty. And may Allah bless the master of the first and the last, Mohammed b. ‘Abd Allah, the last of the prophets.

I have reviewed the dissertation of my learned cousin, the loved and virtuous one, the logical physician, which deals with the betterment of the body, the conduct of bathing, and the balance of nutrition, and I found it very well organized and one of the best blessings. I carefully studied it, reviewed it, and contemplated upon it till its wisdom manifested itself to me, its benefits became obvious, and it found its place in my heart. I learned it by heart and I thoroughly understood it, because I found it to be most precious, a great treasure, and most beneficial. So, I ordered it to be written in gold due to its preciousness, and I deposited it at The Depository of Wisdom after I had it copied down by the descendants of Hashim, the youth of the nation.

Bodies become healthy by balanced diets, life becomes possible by overcoming disease, wisdom is achieved through life, and Paradise is won through wisdom. And this is worthy of being safeguarded and treasured, an object of value and esteem, a reliable physician, a counselor to refer to, and a treasury of knowledge in its injunctions and prohibitions. [This is] because it came out of the house of those who derive their knowledge from the knowledge of the Chosen One (S), the mission of the prophets, the proofs of successors to the prophets, the manners of scholars, the cure to the hearts and the sick from among the people of ignorance and blindness, may God be pleased with them, bless them, and be merciful to them, the first of them and the last, the young and the old.

I showed it to the elite among my closest students, who are known for their wisdom and knowledge of medicine, who are authors of books, those who are counted among the people of knowledge and ascribed wisdom, and each one of them lauded it, thought highly of it, regarded it with high esteem, and appreciated it with fairness towards its author, submitting to him, and believing in the wisdom he included in it. So if our children, the children of our state, our subjects, and other people from various classes come across this Risala (medical dissertation), they should recognize its importance, his talent, and his great favor. They should accept it with gratitude because it is more precious than agates and more important than pearls and corals. They should learn it by heart and think of it day and night, because it brings them benefit and safety from all diseases, Allah Willing. May Allah bless His Messenger Muhammad and all of his pure children. Allah is Sufficient for us and is the Best Agent. Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.”