Appendix 4: Charts

Chart 1: Al Daruriyyat Al Sitta

Iranian traditional medicine consists of six essential principles of good health:

1. Life environment (weather, climates, and seasons)

2. Diet

3. Physical activity (movements and stillness)

4. Sleeping and waking,

5. Retention and excretion

6. Mood (psychological and spiritual states)


Chart 2. A Unifying Conceptual Model of Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM)

Chart 3: The Temperaments

Chart 4. Hammam Architecture

Horizontal floor plan of Gulshan traditional bath (Yazd)

1. Vurudi (entrance hall)
2. hashti (vestibule)
3. sarbiné or rakhkon (disrobing room, apodyterium)
4. myandar (the passage between the two main rooms)
5. Garmkhané (washing and massaging room, caldarium)
6. Khazineh (small washing room; some bathhouses also have tepid and cold water khazines (tepidarium and frigidarium)
8. tune or golkhan (hypaucauste or furnace room)
9. Fazayeh tchal howz (large and relatively deep pool of cold water)