Miscellaneous Issues

Ql. What is the rule about taking a piece of the cloth of the Ka'ba?

Ans: If it was given by the administrators of the Ka'ba then it is permitted. But if it was taken without permission then as an obligatory precaution it should be returned.

Q2. If the earth from the grave of Lady Khadijah (SA) is taken as a (Holy) gift, what is the ruling for this? Will it have to be returned because (of being from the Haram?)

Ans: It is not permissible to take anything without permission from Masjid -ul-Haram, the Kaba and other mosques in the Haram area. It is permissible to take earth from other Holy places.

Q3. Is it allowed to pray behind Imam of Kaba?

Ans: If the words are pronounced then it is permitted.

Q4.Is it permitted to prostate (Sajdah) on the floor of Masjid-ul­Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi? What is the ruling for prostrating on the carpets present there?

Ans: Yes it is permitted to prostrate on the floor. However, prostrating on the Masjid al-Nabawi carpet is only allowed with taqqiyah (Dissimulation) intention.

Q5. Should complete prayers be offered in Makkah and Medina or they be qasar (special shortened prayers offered during a journey)?

Ans: In the (original) ancient parts of Makkah and Medina one has the choice to offer either complete or qasar prayers.

Q6. If a lady performed Hajj wearing nail polish, being unaware of the ruling that this prevents water from reaching her nails during wudhu and ghusl, what is the ruling for her?

Ans: In such a case her Hajj was invalid and as a penalty she has to sacrifice a camel.