Personality of Woman and Hajj

Hijr al-Ismael: The Hijr of Prophet Ishmael (AS) & Lady Hager

When circumambulating House of Kaba it is a must to pass outside Hijr al-lsmael (as) otherwise Hajj will become invalid. This shows the holiness of this Hijr.

This is a symbol for a great mother from the history. Lady Hager along with her baby son stayed in this desert putting her trust in Almighty. She wanted to be close to Allah (swt).

The son of this great lady was also willing to offer a great sacrifice. Because of all her sacrifices and the son's for the love of Almighty, Allah (swt) also made it compulsory to circumambulate from outside Stone of Ishmael (as).

In a monotheist society a person is valued on the bases of purity; good deeds and closeness to Allah (swt). Color, creed and sex do not count. Whoever is willing to sacrifice everything for God like Hager, He also elevates them near to His house.

Circumambulating the graves of both mother and son is a part of pilgrimage rites. The reason is that steadfastness pays. They spent their whole life in the service of Allah (swt) and as a reward they are sleeping next to the House of Allah (swt).

2. Sa’ee: Between Safa & Marwa, and Lady Hager

After circumambulating and offering Salaat for it the next rite is sa'ee (Striving). Here again one is reminded of this lion hearted lady. Allah (swt)'s words come to one’s mind:

اذكرونى اذكركم

"You think of me and I will not forget you."

The Greatness of Allah (swt) made Lady Hager's action eternal. Now it is our duty to remember her effort whenever we perform this rite and try to follow in her footsteps.

3. Arafat: Recognition and Lady Eve

Arafat means acquaintance or recognition. The reason why this plain is called Arafat is that when Prophet Adam (as) and Lady Eve came down from heaven they met each other after a long wait at this place. They recognized each other and redeveloped their acquaintance.

4. First Congregational Prayers: Salaatul Jama’at the Holy Mosque and Lady Khadijah

Whenever the pilgrim views the impressive gathering of thousands in the congregational prayers, he is reminded of the first such prayer in Islam. The one where Mother of all momineen (True believers) along with Imam of all momineen offered her prayers behind Prophet Mohammad (saws).

The fruit of that small congregation can be seen in the gathering of this huge congregation of thousands from all over the world.

5. Giving Birth to Imam Ali (as): Inside the Holy Kaba and Lady Fatima Bint al-Asad

While circumambulating pilgrims try to kiss the walls of Holy Kaba. They try to rub their sins away and make themselves pious by rubbing with its walls. This site reminds one of a Great mother. Kaba is also like a mother. Makkah is given the name of 'Umm-Ul-Qura' (Mother of all cities) because of Kaba. Like a mother gathers all her children into her arms without any distinction, so does Kaba welcomes all pilgrims without the distinction of rich or poor, old or young, black or white, men or women.

The mother of whom we are reminded is the mother of our first lmam (as), Lady Fatima Bint al-Asad. A lady of such high pity that she became a guest of Allah (swt) in His own house. It was in preparation of welcoming one of the greatest personalities on earth. A special door was opened in the wall of Kaba for the arrival of Door of Knowledge.