Philosophy behind Miqat

When the pilgrim leaves her home to travel to the place where she has to wear her ihram she should fill her mind with the thoughts of Day of Judgment and the terrible scenes that will be witnessed on that day.

As Allah (swt) says in the Holy Qur'an:

ان يوم الفصل ميقاتهم اجمعينi

"Surely the day of separation is their appointed term of all of them."


Miqat is a special place designated by the sacred rules of Islam for wearing ihram (special dress for Pilgrimage). It differs according to the landing city of pilgrims.

There are nine places which can be used as Miqat.
1. Masjid-ush-Shajarah: It is called Thul Hulaifah. It is the Miqat for pilgrim coming into Makkah from Madina. Here the ihram is worn inside the mosque. Ladies in menstruation and in jenabat can wear it while passing through the mosque or even outside the mosque. Wearing ihram is permitted for a woman during menstruation.

2. Waadil-Aqeeq: It is the miqat of pilgrims arriving from Iraq and Najd.

3. Qarn-ul-Manaazil: This is used by pilgrims coming from Ta'if.

4. Yalamlam: This is a mountain and is miqat for pilgrims coming from Yemen.

5. Johfa: This is for pilgrims arriving from Syria.

6. The proximity of any of the above quoted Miqats: if a person takes a route which does not cross any of the mentioned Miqats, he or she must wear ihram from any place which is parallel to the Miqat.

7. Makkah: This is the Miqat for Hajj-ut-Tamatu, as well as Hajj-ul-Qiraan and Ifraad for the residents of Makkah, and its neighborhood.

8. The pilgrim's home is the Miqat for those who are nearer to Makkah than the Miqat as it is permissible for them to wear ihram from their homes and are not obliged to return ·to a Miqat.

9. Adnal Hil like Hudaybiyyah, Ja'ranah, or Tan'eem: It is the Miqat for Umrat al-Mufradah after the Hajj-ul-Qiraan or Ifraad and all Umra al-Mufradah by those in Makkah.

If a lady having menstruations and not knowing the rule did not don her ihram at the Miqat and entered the Haram, then as an obligatory precaution she should return to one of the Miqat and wear her ihram. If it is not possible to go to a Miqat then on the basis of precaution she should go as far away as possible from the Haram and as a precaution wear ihram there.