Dear Sister in Islam,

May Allah (swt) grant you the Great Opportunity of Pilgrimage to the House of Allah (swt) with Deeper Understanding and Higher Spirituality in your A 'amals (Inshallah)

Iltemas al-Du 'a

“There is nothing better than a Woman who has achieved Perfection in her spiritual being!”

In the course of time, we have come across books of Guidance and Wisdom that concentrate on Islamic Rituals that aim to educate all Muslim Brothers & Sisters on a general level; however, The Guidebook for Women series aim to provide a concise manual on different Islamic Rituals and Issues, especially for Women in order to perfect their lbaadah.

After all, the 'adhmat (greatness) of Women can only be reached when they follow Seerat al-Faatimat uz-Zahra (sa) by means of educating themselves further and gaining more Ma'rifat and Spirituality in their Islamic rituals.

It is important to realize that Allah (swt) has given Women such a grand status that, despite being equal to Man, her Spirituality significantly affects and transfers on to everyone around her Family, Husband, Children, Friends, Colleagues, Neighbors, and many more.

Hence, these series of Guidebooks aim to Answer all the Questions a Woman would have in relation to Islamic Issues in order to help them gain more Ma'rifat and Spirituality in their Religious acts, and include it as a normal practice in their everyday life. (lnshallah)

Wassalam O'Alaikum Wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh
'Aalima Razia Batool Najafi
World Ahlebait Women's Organization
Qum al-Muqaddas