Rituals of Umra-ut-Tamatu

1. Ihram.

2. Tawaf (Circumambulation).

3. Salaat for Tawaf.

4. Sa'ee between the hills of Safa and Marwa.

5. Taqseer (Cutting one’s hair).

Questions and Answers

Q1. If a pilgrim forgets to wear ihram or because of unconsciousness or lack of knowledge does not wear it, what should she do?

Ans: If it is possible to return to one of the Miqats then it should be done. If it is not possible and the pilgrim has already entered the Haram, then she should leave the Haram and go as far as possible and wear the ihram. If it is not possible to go out of the Haram then the ihram may be worn there. If the pilgrim has not yet entered the Haram but the return to Miqat is impossible then she should go as far away as possible and wear the ihram.

Q2. Can a lady during menstruations enter a mosque to wear ihram and does she need ablutions before entering the mosque?

Ans: No she can enter the mosque without ablutions to wear ihram.