Umra al-Mufrada

Miqat for Umra al-Mufrada

If the pilgrim is in Makkah then the miqat (a special place designated by the sacred rules of Islam for wearing ihram) is Hudaybiyyah. Ja'ranah or Tan'eem.

Rules for Umra al-Mufrada

1. Ihram.

2. Tawaf (circumambulation).

3. Salaat for tawaf.

4. Sa'ee between Safa and Marwah.

5. Taqseer. (Cutting the hair of the head).

6. Tawaf-un-Nisa.

7. Salaat for tawaf-un nisa.


The main difference between Umra al-Mufrada and Umra-ut­Tamatu is that there is no tawaf-un-nisa in Umra-ut-Tumatu. The second difference is that miqat for Umra-ut-Tamatu is from the five main designated places.

Repetition of Umra al-Mufrada

A person is not allowed to perform two Umras in the same month (either for himself or for someone else). But if the Umras are for two different people then it is permissible.

Questions and Answers

Q1. Can a woman during menstruation wear ihram for Umra-e­Mufrada and if so, how?

Ans: She can do it outside the mosque and perform niyyat (intention).

Q2. If a woman has already worn ihram for Umra and her period begins, and it will not end during her stay in Makkah, what should she do?

Ans: Tawaf and its prayer must be performed by a representative on her behalf, but she can perform the rest of the rites herself in this condition.

Q3. If on returning home she finds out that the tawaf for Umra­e-Mufrada was invalid and it is not possible to return to Makkah then how does she shed her ihram?

Ans: As an obligatory precaution she has to perform the tawaf herself .To have a proxy perform the tawaf will not suffice.