Reasons Why People Gravitate Towards Atheism

Incidentally, there are other people who have been able to recognize the things which pain this generation and have been able to misuse these youth and misguide them.  What path did the teachings of materialism - which have even appeared in this country (Iran) – use which were able to make people sacrifice their lives for these things and for the purpose of atheism? 

They used this same path (that we are after) since they knew that this generation was in need of something.  They knew that they needed a school of thought which would be able to answer their questions, and thus they presented such a thought ideology to them.  They knew that this generation possessed a series of great societal ideals and aims which they wanted to reach and wanted these things to prove true for themselves and thus, these materialists made these their same ideals and aims.  Thus, they were able to pull many people towards themselves and with what sort of self sacrifices (on their part) and what kind of closeness!

When a person is found to have a serious need for something, he does not really think of the good and bad in that thing.  When the stomach is hungry for food, it does not really pay attention to the type of food it gets – it will eat whatever it finds simply to satisfy the hunger.  The soul is the same way – if it reaches to a stage that it is hungry for a school of thought to follow and such a school which is run on some predefined and known principles which is able to answer the questions brought forth and is able to tackle all of the issues of the monotonous world and the societal issues which are placed in front of it, then it will not care if the beliefs are based on strong logic or not.

 Thus we see that humanity is not really after firm and logical speech – rather, it is after an organized and well-prepared thought which would be able to answer all of the day to day questions that come forth.

We, the philosophers, knew that all these words were nonsense, and although it was meaningless, the aforesaid philosophy was in fact a demanding exigency which filled a vacancy and saved a room for its place, and thus it was accepted.