Imam Husayn [a] gets ready to fight.

Imam Husayn [a] and his companions began praying and reading the Qur'an, for it was the last night in the world.

The tents were here and there. Imam Husayn [a] wanted to prevent the enemies from penetrating them. So, he ordered his companions to tie them to each other. He also ordered his companions to dig a trench at the back of the tents to fight the enemies at one front.

The Imam met his companions and said:

I praise Allah with the best praise! I am thankful to Him in all conditions whether pleasant or otherwise! Allah, I thank you for making my grandfather a prophet and teaching us the Qur'an! I thank you for giving us ears, eyes and hearts. I thank you for you have not made us polytheists!

The Imam added:

I don't think that there are companions better than mine, there's a family more loyal than mine! May Allah reward you all. I think that we'll face those enemies tomorrow! Now you may go!

All refused and said:

We'll sacrifice our lives, money, and families to defend you against the enemies! We'll stand by you!