Zaynab's Tent

At midnight, Imam Husayn [a] went out to see the nearby hills. One of his companions, named Nafi bin Hilal al-Jamaly, saw and followed him.

The Imam asked his companion about his going out.

His companion said:

Son of Allah's Apostle, I'm anxious about you.

Imam Husayn [a] said to him:

I've gone out to see the nearby hills.

Imam Husayn [a] and his faithful friend came back together. On their way, Imam Husayn [a] said to him:

Why don't you go through those two hills in the dark to save yourself?

Hilal wept and said:

No! By Allah, I won't leave you alone! I want to be killed with you!

When the Imam got to the tents, he came into the tent of his sister Zaynab. Hilal stood by the tent waiting for him. Hilal heard Zaynab saying to her brother:

Are you certain of your companion's intentions?

The Imam said:

By Allah, I've tried them. They are brave. They are ready to die for me.

When Nafi heard Zaynab's words, he wept and went to Habib's tent. He told him about Zaynab's word. The he said to him:

We'd better go to her to relieve her worry.

Habib stood, left his tent, and said loudly:

Good friends!

The men went out. They stood around Habib. He said to them:

Let us go to Zaynab's tent to relieve her worry.

The men took their swords and went to Zaynab's tent. They said to her:

By Allah, we're ready to sacrifice our lives for you!

Zaynab went out and said:

Good companions, defend the grandsons of Allah's Apostle against their enemies.

Habib and his friends wept. They decided to fight till death.