Is Hajj Obligatory on me?

This text acknowledges the importance of Hajj (Pilgrimage), but instead of focusing on the rituals of Hajj itself, it underlines and analyses all the verdicts and decrees associated with the capability to perform it. In case all the conditions are fulfilled, Hajj becomes obligatory for the person and it has to be performed within the same year. All the related rulings and verdicts about Hajj conditions are being listed and analyzed from the following Maraja’e: Late Ayatullah Khoi, Late Imam Khomeini, Ayatullah Seestani, Ayatullah Khamenei.

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Awaiting your comments & suggestions Muhammad Raza Dawoodani Dear Reader, You are requested that if you get the privilege of performance of Hajj then you kindly remember those who assisted in the development of this booklet in your prayers at Khana-e-Kabah, Grave of Holy Prophet (SAWW), Graveyard of Jannat-ul-Baqi and at Plain of Arafat.