Assalam-o-Alaikum Wa-Rahmat-ulllah Wa-Barakatuhu

All praise is for Allah (swt). In the next few pages, you will read rituals and decrees associated with capablity of performing hajj.

The verdicts of following 4 Maraja’e have been considered in this book.

Late Ayatullah Khoi (ra)
Late Imam Khomeini (ra)
Ayatullah Seestani (db)
Ayatullah Khamenei (db)

Care has been taken to sideline the differences in verdicts of these Mujtahids except where necessary. Every care has been taken to narrate the precautionary aspect of their verdicts.

Those interested in details please refer to Manasik-e-Hajj and other books.
To make the book reader friendly, easy and familiar words have been used so that the reader does not feel any inconvenience to understand.

Recommended acts stated in this booklet can be performed with the intention of Rijay-e-Matloobiat.

Rijay-e-Matloobiat means: On the hope that this act is desired by Almighty Allah.