The ‘Id

The action is over and soon Hajj ends.
Where? In Mina!
Surprisingly, in the neighborhood of Mecca! Why does Hajj end here instead of in Mecca and near the Kaaba? You must understand these mysteries of Hajj. You must be fully conscious of what you are doing in the midst of this crowd. You must be able to think here - not in the corner of your private house or during your day dreaming! Hajj is a totality which encourages togetherness. It is a place to meet Allah, Ibrahim, Muhammad and people.

A heterogeneous assembly is formed by people of various races, nationalities, languages, and systems; yet, this group is homogeneous in culture, faith, purpose and love! These are not chosen people, executives or a special class; they are from all types of ethnic backgrounds with different socio-economic levels.

To qualify for Hajj means to be able to go and do what we have said so far; it does not mean to be rich (as is misunderstood). Hajj is not a tax on wealth; it is a duty just as prayer is. To qualify for it means to be able and wise enough to understand what you are doing just as any other duty. With special problems common to all of them, the true representatives of different nations are gathered here.