In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

All Praise is due to Allah Who has decreed the extinction and disappearance of all His servants. He affected His command on them according to His wisdom and will. He promised those who persevere with regard to His destiny beautiful rewards and happiness, and He forewarned those who fret about it with plenty of His retribution and severe penalty upon their return to Him.

He has pleased the hearts of the men of knowledge through His management, so this knowledge is the pleasure of their souls when submitted to His lead, this is so despite the inability of each one of them to avoid His affecting His judgment even if an ignorant person goes to extremes in his stubbornness.

I testify that there is no god except Allah, the only One; there is no partner with Him, a testimony through which I avoid the horrors in the narrowness of the Gathering and its ravines. And I testify that Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be with him and his progeny, is His servant and messenger, the very best of those who brought glad tidings and who warned, the greatest of all those who accepted destiny and persevered about it, peace and blessing of Allah be with him and his progeny who are the best of the best, the greatest of creation in action, the ones who suffered the most, who submitted and accepted His decrees, peace and blessing that will reach each and every one of them individually.

Since death is the greatest of all events, the matter that forever separates the loved ones from each other. Separation from the loved ones is regarded as one of the greatest calamities, so much so that the heart of even a wise person almost fails, the heart of one known for sagacity, for being terse, particularly when we know that the greatest of those whom we love are our children who are the pleasure of the hearts. It is for this reason that generous rewards are in store for those who suffer such separation, and the parents are promised intercession on the Day of the Return in lieu of such loss.

For this reason, I have gathered in this dissertation a group of Prophetic legacies, the conditions of those who earned sublime perfections, in addition to brief yet clear admonitions which, if Allah Almighty so pleases, should remove the rust from the hearts of those aggrieved and the grief of those aggrieved is removed; rather, the hearts of the men of knowledge are even elated by it, those who regard such grief as a tradition of the indifferent ones will wake up through it, naming it "comforter of the heart upon the loss of loved ones and children", organizing it in an Introduction, Chapters and a Conclusion.