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A Guide to Online Courses available in Text and/or Audio on various Islamic topics

If you maintain, or know of additional Islamic courses available online, please contact us with your suggestions and the necessary details and we will review your submission.

Shi'a Islam
Listen to audio recordings of lectures by Dr. Hamid Algar on the course Shi'a Islam, being offered at the University of California, Berkeley. A presentation of the main doctrines of Shi'a Islam, notably the Imamate, through the examination of the lives and teachings of the Twelve Imams, as well as a brief overview of the development of Shi'i tradition ofter the beginning of the occultation.
Learn more about Dr. Algar
Islamic Theology Discussion
Weekly lectures by Syed Muhammad Rizvi on Islamic Theology using the Al-Babu 'l-Hadi 'Ashar, the 11th Chapter by Allamah al-Hilli.
Academy of Islam
Text version of courses held by Shaykh Hasnain Kassamali in Vancouver, BC, on As-Saheefa As-Sajjadiyyah, Understanding the Ja'fari Fiqh and more. Includes course outlines, lectures notes and quizzes.
Arab Academy
Learn Arabic and Qur'an
English, French, German, Indonesian, Turkish
Qur'an Tafseer Classes
Ongoing qur'anic tafseer classes held weekly at the Hujjat Imbabarghah in Stanmore, UK. Listen to classes held in the past at The Islamic Gallery.
Qur'an and Etrat University
Email based courses about Shi'a Islam. Write to them directly for more information.
Islamic College for Advanced Studies
London based. Offers Distance Learning courses. Accredited for A Levels, BA, MA, and PhD courses.
Al-Mahdi Institute
Based in Birmingham, UK. Offers accredited BA, MA, and diploma in Islamic Studies, as well as Distance Learning Diploma with Credits.
Lectures by al-Sayyid Kamal Haidary
Lectures on Al-Tawheed, al-Qur'an, Divine Justice (Al-Adl al-Ilahi), and Imamat.
Tafseer Sessions at West Ja'afari Centre
Various Qur'anic topics.

"Dr. Algar is Professor of Near Eastern Studies at UC, Berkeley. He received his PhD from Cambridge University in 1965, and has been on the UC, Berkeley faculty since that time. Research has concentrated on the Islamic history of the Perso-Turkish world, with particular emphasis on Iranian Shi'ism during the past two centuries and the Naqshbandi Sufi order." (from

In addition to a number of original publications, Dr. Algar has translated many works, including the set of works on Usool al-Deen Sayyid Mujtaba Musavi Lari. The following superb translations are available on

God and His Attributes
Seal of the Prophets and His Message
Imamate and Leadership
Resurrection Judgement and the Hereafter

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