Creating Islamic Presentations
Tools, techniques, tips, and resources
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0 Introduction
Summary   Detail 
  • purpose of this guide
  • overview of procedure to create Islamic presentations
  • skill level required
  • tools required, and where to get them
1 Why create Islamic presentations in this way?
Summary   Detail 
  • superior to audio or video only recording of a lecture
  • re-inforces learning and retention in the audience
  • more interesting for the younger audience
  • ideal as a component of distance learning course
  • available round the clock anywhere in the world
  • teachers and lecturers need to take the initiative
2 Planning your presentation
Summary   Detail 
  • consider how you can use text, images, clipart to reinforce your messages
  • do not use animation or sound effects
3 Designing PowerPoint slides
Summary   Detail
  • decide on a template
  • do not use animation or sound
  • choose appropriate size of slides, and for fonts for best visibility (see RealPresenter guide)
  • paste images, maps, clipart to make the material more interesting
  • test out by using RealPresenter plugin
a Where can I get Islamic and other clipart?
Summary   Detail 
  • list of sites (don't forget to get permission first where required) 
b How can I add screenshots from other software?
Summary   Detail 
  • press the Print Scrn button with or without Alt to capture the image, then paste in PowerPoint and resize as required
  • use an image editor for advanced manipulation of images
c How can I add Arabic text from the site?
Summary   Detail 
  • download and install Karbala arabic font in your system
  • simply copy and paste the arabic text required and change font size as appropriate
d How can I add transliteration to the text in my slides?
Summary   Detail 
  • download and install Al-Arial transliteration font in your system
  • instructions available by email on how to type in transliterated text into Microsoft Word, for subsequent pasting into PowerPoint slides 
4 Narrating your presentation: recording audio to the slides
Summary   Detail 
  • check microphone and recording levels
  • test recording quality
  • open any other documents you may need during narration
  • set recording quality and ensure enough disk capacity available
  • start recording and go through each slide
  • allow small gap around slide transitions
5 Testing your complete presentation
Summary   Detail 
  • choose View option to go through the narrated presentation in PowerPoint
  • re-record as required
6 Converting to RealMedia format
Summary   Detail 
  • obtain and install the RealPresenter plugin
  • choose Publish to Media to run the wizard
  • enter the required information and convert
Presented by the Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project team
Created: April 1999
Last updated: April 1999