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A Guide to Selected Online Text, Audio and Video resources for the Month of Ramadhan

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Resources for Ramadhan on
Sites which are updated regularly and host a number of items
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A`amaal for the Night of Qadr
Articles on Ramadhan
Books on Ramadhan
Occasions (Births and Death Anniversaries of Prominent Muslim Personalities)
Duas for the Month of of Ramadhan
Duas for other Occasions and Ramadhan
Laws of Fasting
Laylatul Qadr
The Quran - Tilwah (Recitations) and Tafsr (Exegesis)
Timetable - prayer & fasting
Welcoming the Month of Ramadhn

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Please email us to suggest corrections or additions to the list. We are grateful to H. Kassamali for permission to use the Ramadhan Internet Guide for most of the material on this page. Please see the introduction to the guide. The resources on this page are based on version 1.0 (December 9, 1999/30 Sha`ban, 1420) of this guide. You can download version 1.2 (December 16, 1999/5 Ramadhan, 1420) of the entire guide as a MS Word file.

Resources for Ramadhan on

Dua Abi Hamzah al-Thumali
Dua al-Jawshan al-Sagheer
Fast of the Month of Ramadhan
The history and philosophy behind fasting. Includes recommended and required acts during the month of Ramadhan, and a discussion of the importance of Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Destiny. From the book by Yasin Jibouri.
The Greater Jihad
Imam Ruhallah al-Musawi al-Khumayni (translated from the Persian). Includes advice on how to benefit from the blessed month of Ramadhan and the fasting and devotion therein.
The Islamic Gallery: Du`a Recitation
Recitations of du`as from al-Sahifat al-Sajadiyya for the coming of the month of Ramdhan and bidding it farewell, al-Jawshan al-Kabir, al-Jawshan al-Saghir, Munajaat Imam Ali (a), Sahar, and various other short du`as.
The Islamic Gallery: Lectures given about and during the Month of Ramadhan
Lectures by Sayyid Sarkar Ali Abidi, Dr. Murtaza Alidina, Sayyid Muhammad Zaki Baqri, Dr. Mohammad Asadi Garmarudi, Mulla Asgherali M. M. Jaffer, Maulana Ijmaal Naqvi, Hassanain Rajabali, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

Islamic Laws by Ayatullah Sistani
Islamic Practical Laws. Includes section on laws for fasting.
A Manual of Ramadhan Devotions
Comprehensive manual of information and supplications for the month. Includes Arabic text, translation, commentary, and links to audio recitation of duas.

al-Sahifat al-Sajadiyya (see also English translation and audio)

Supplications from the 4th Imam, Imam Zayn al-`Abideen al-Sajjad (a). Includes supplication for the Coming of the Month of Ramadhan, and supplication for Bidding Farewell to the Month of Ramadhan. Listen to recitation and follow alongside text simultaneously.

The Taraweeh Prayers (an Imamiyyah perspective)
By `Allamah Sharaf al-Din al-Musawi
Understanding the Month of Glory: Lessons on the Month of Ramadhan
Consists of lessons that educate the reader on various aspects of the month of Ramadhan. With its clear writing style and colorful illustrations, the book is primarily geared to school-age children learning about the holy month. Adults will also find its range of content useful and inspirational. Lesson titles include: Ahadith on Fasting, A Chant to Welcome the Holy Month, The Ramadhan Checklist, and Eighteen Reasons Why a Muslim Fasts.
What Ramadhan Stands for
A short contribution by a student in 2nd grade.

Sites which are updated regularly and host a number of items

1.Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project
2.Anjuman Pasban-e-Aza, Huston, Texas hosts a few Ramadhan Du's and A'ml for the Night of al-Qadr, both texts and recitations.
3.Dua'a - Supplications site under the auspices of WABIL, Bombay. Launched recently the site has the potential of becoming a great repository of supplications on Internet. Many of the du''s are under construction. The site is aiming to have for all du''s clear to read Arabic text, English translation, and recitations which can be downloaded or listened to online.
4.Holy Ramadhan at Akramulla Syed's site. He has linked a number of useful sites on Ramadhan to this page.
5.Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)
6.IUA-NET site. It hosts a book and number of articles on Ramadhan and Holy Qur'an.
7. Muslim Neighborhood - Ramadhan Special hosts live audio and video programs from Al-Mahdi Islamic Center, Toronto and other interested material. Please see
8.Nida al-Thaqalayn, Islamic Culture and Education Institute, Qum hosts a number of articles and works by Shi'ah scholars. The section on Holy Qur'an is rich with useful information on the Introduction, study and commentary of the Qur'an.
9.Play and Learn site for Muslim children carries a lot of interesting material for children, youths and adults.
10.The World Federation of KSIMC, Stanmore, UK site is rich in resources and information.


A'ml for the Night of Qadr see Laylatul Qadr

Articles on Ramadhan
1.Advantages of Fasting
2.Bidding Farewell to the Month of Ramadhan, extracts from Sahifa Al-Sajjadiyya at
3.The Fasting of Ramadhan by Shaikh Muhammad Baig
4.Happy Holy Month of Ramadhan, Kufa Center of Islamic Knowledge
5.The Month of Ramadhan, adapted from SalamIran Magazine at
6.Shahir Ramadan al-Mubarak by Sayyid Muhammad Husayn. A comprehensive article on the significance of Ramadhan, simple rules of Fasting, Hadiths on Fasting, and on Eidul Fitr at

Books on Ramadhan

1.Jibouri, Yasin T. Fast in the Month of Ramadhan (Originally published as Fast of the month of Ramadan: Philosophy and Ahkam by Ansariyan Publications, n.d., pp.168). The site has the entire work divided in 28 chapters. The Internet version has corrected spellings of the Arabic words.
2.Kassamali, H & T. A Manual of Ramadhan Devotions (Originally published by Tayyiba Publishers and Distributors, 1996, pp.232).
3.Kassamali, T. Understanding the Month of Glory -Lessons for Madrasah teachers. (Also published by Tayyiba Publishers and Distributors, 1999, pp.33)

Occasions (Birth and Death Anniversaries of Prominent Muslim Personalities)

1.Life History of the 1st Imam
2.The 1st Imam Ali al-Murtaza, a short write up and a few links at
3.Ali ibn Abu Talib Al-Murtadha (as)
4.Sayings of Imam Ali including his Last Will and Testament after he was struck with a poisoned sword by Ibn Muljim.
5.Life history of the 2nd Imam
6.Hazrat Hasan al-Mujtaba (a), a short write-up and additional link
7. Hasan ibn Ali Al-Mujtaba (as)
8.The Brief History of Fourteen Infallible by Muhammad Hussein il-Adeeb
9.Khadeeja, the Wife of the Prophet by Syd. Ali Asghar Razwy (originally published as Khadija-tul-Kubra by Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an, NY in 1990, pp. 198). Fourteen chapters of the work can be found online.
10.Khadija bint Khuwaylid, (A.S.) by Yasin T al-Jibouri

Du''s for the month of Ramadhn

1.Du''s for Day 1 to Day 30 of Ramadhan.
Recitations and Arabic Text with English translations
Arabic text with English translations
English translation only
2.Du'a Y 'Aliyyu 'Adhm to be recited after the obligatory prayers during Ramadhan at
3.Du'a Allhuma adkhil 'al ahil-qubr to be recited in the nights of Ramadhan. Because of its contents some scholars believe that the du'a can be invoked at any time throughout the year.
4.A Du'' Short read before Du'' al-Ifitah
5.Du'' al-Iftith attributed to Imam al-Mahd (a) to be recited every night of the holy month.
Arabic recitations
Arabic text and English translation
Introduction, merits, Arabic text and English translation (Recitation by Br. Murtaza Bandali)
6.Three short Du'as to be recited during the nights of Ramadhan. These du'as are usually said after Du'a al-Iftitah. See the Arabic text and English translations online.
7. A Short but highly beneficial Du'a read at the time of Sahr (dawn). Arabic text with English translation
8.Du'' al-Sahr to be recited when closing the fast just before dawn. Recitation only. (Br. Murtaza Bandali)
9.Du''s to be recited during the last ten nights of Ramadhan. Arabic text with English translation.
10.Du'' for the 22nd Night of Ramadhan
11.Du'' for the 24th Night
12.Du'' for the 25th Night
13.Du'' for the 26th Night
14.Du'' for the 27th Night
15.Du'' for the 28th Night
16.Du'' for the 29th Night
17. Du'' for the 30th Night
18. Du'' Abi Hamza al-Thumli, by Imam As-Sajjad read before dawn.
Arabic text with English translation
Translation only
19. Many Du''s to be recited during the Holy Month are found at the IRIB site. The du'as include: Allhumma arzuqni hajja baytikal harm; Lakal Hamd; Y 'Aliyyu Y 'Adhm; Istighfr, Ilh Qalb Mahjb; Du'a for seeking needs (Haw'ij); Short Du'as from the Holy Qur'an; Du'a for Iftr; Allhumma Rabbi Shari Ramadhn; Munjt Masjid al-Kfa; Du'a As-Sahr; Du'a al-Faraj; Munjt al-Manzn of Imam 'Ali (a) and Du'a al-Iftith.
Du'a al-Faraj
Munjt of Imam 'Ali (a)
20. Du'as and Tasbh, Arabic text with English translation, to be recited at dawn at the time of beginning of the fast

Du ''s for other Occasions and Ramadhan
1.Adhn on Iran Radio
2.Imam Ali ibnul Hussain Zain ul-Abidin (AS), Sahifa Sajjadiya English translation of 55 Du's by Sayyid Ahmad Muhani
3.Imam Ali ibn Al-Husayn, As-Sahifa Al-Kmilah Al-Sajjdiyya (Psalms of Islam) -English translation of the entire work (83 supplications) with a comprehensive Introduction by William C. Chittick
4.Du'' Al-Jawshan As-Saghr translation) (Recitation)
5.Du'' Khatmul Qur'an, English translation
6.Du'' Kumayl taught by Imam Ali (a) (Br.Murtaza Bandali) For English translation see
7. Ziyrat Writh recitation

Laws of Fasting

1.Ayatullah Mohammad Fazel Lankarani
2.Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Husayini as-Seestani
3.Answer to 32 questions on Fasting according to the fatw of Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamene'i at
4.Questions and Answers on Fasting according to the fatw of Ayatullah Sayyid Mohammad Hussein Fadhlullah at
5.Fasting According to Five Schools of Islamic Law by Muhammad Jawd Mughniyyah

Laylatul Qadr (Also see Lectures)

1.Arabic text with English translation of the main recitations
2.Audio files of the recitations (with instructions in Urdu)
Common A'ml for the nights of Al-Qadr. Arabic text with English translation
3.Du'' for the safety of Imam al-Mahd to be recited on the 23rd Night and at anytime during the year. (Arabic text with English translation) (Recitation)
4.Du'' Jawshan al-Kabr
Recitations (Download) (Online Listening)
English Translations (includes Arabic text)
5.Du'' Makrimul Akhlq taught by Imam al-Sajjad (a) to be recited on the 23rd Night (Merits, Arabic text, English Translation) (Recitation by Br. Maitham Kadhim) (Other recitation)
6.Du'a at-Tawbah taught by Imam as-Sajjad (a) to be recited on the 23rd Night. Arabic text with English translation
7. Merits of the Night and the Common A'ml for the three nights - English translation only
8.The Nights of Power - Instructions on the A'ml for the three nights
9.Significance of Laylatul Qadr
10.Special A'ml for the individual nights of Al-Qadr
11.Sra al-'Ankabt (#29) to be recited on the 23rd Night. Merits and English translation
12.Sra ad-Dukhn (#44) to be recited on the 23rd Night. Merits and English translation
13.Sra ar-Rm (#30) to be recited on the 23rd Night. Merits and English translation
14.Ziyarat Amnullh to be recited on the 21st Night. Arabic text with English translation
15.Ziyrat of Imam al-Husayn (a) for the nights of Al-Qadr. Arabic text with English translation


1. Live lectures and majlis
2. Four lectures on Ramadhn by S Z Baqri (1419)
3. 1st Night, Mulla A M Jaffer (1994)
For S M Rizvi (1419) see
4. 2nd Night, S M Rizvi (1419)
5. 3rd Night, S M Rizvi (1419)
6. 4th Night, H Rajabali (1419)
7. 5th Night, H Rajabali (1419)
8. 6th Night, H Rajabali (1419)
9. 7th Night, H Rajabali (1419)
10. 8th Night, H Rajabali (1419)
11. 10th Night, on Bibi Khadja by S M Rizvi (1417) (1418) (1419) (same occasion, by Dr. Murtaza Alidina)
12.11th Night, S M Rizvi (1419)
13.12th Night lecture by S M Rizvi (1419)
14.15th Night of Ramadhn on the birth of Imam al-Hasan (a) by S M Rizvi (1418) (1419)
15.16th Night, S M Rizvi (1419)
16.18th Night, M Rizvi (1419)
17.19th Night of Ramadhn on wilyah (Part 1)of Imam Ali (a) by S M Rizvi (1418) (1419)
18.20th Night, S M Rizvi (1419)
19.21st Night of Ramadhn on the wilyah (Part 2) of Imam Ali (a) by S M Rizvi (1418) (1419)
20.23rd Night, S M Rizvi (1419)
21.The Night of Qadr by Dr M Alidina (1419)
22.27th Night, S M Rizvi (1419)
23.The Social Benefits of Fasting by Dr M Alidina (1419)
24.Philosophy of Hijb by Dr M Alidina (1419) (Part I) (Part II)
25.Is Music Hall or Harm? by Dr M Alidina (1419)
26.Characteristics of God Conscious people by Dr M Alidina
27.Imam al-Mahd by Dr M Alidina (1419)
28.Repentance by Dr M Alidina (1419)
29.Friday sermon, Will Ali ibn Abu Talib after being struck at Masjid Kfa, S M Rizvi
30.Friday sermon, Du of Imam Zaynul 'bidn (a) about Ramadhn, S M Rizvi (1418)
31.Friday sermon, Bidding Farewell to Ramadhn, S M Rizvi (1419)

Majlis (see Lectures above)


1.Viewing the phase of the moon from any place and any time (updated every 4 hours)
2.Discourse on Repentance (1) by Ayatullah Muntazari
3.Discourse on Repentance (2) by Aytaullah Muntazari
4.Eidul Fitr prayers according to fatwa of Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Husayni as-Seestani
5.Qiblah Directions for cities in North America & Europe
6.Qiblah Angle. User Defined

The Quran - Articles, pamphlets and books

1.About Interpretation & Commentators
2.About the Glorious Quran
3.Holy Qur'an- English translation, and useful articles and invocations at Islamic City hosted by Manassas Mosque, VA
4.Holy Qur'an Resources on Internet - it has links to numerous Qur'anic sites, works, articles and recitations.
5.Holy Recitation, text and a number of useful articles. Hosted by Islamic Center of England (Quranic stories for kids)
6.Islam, the Qur'an and Arabic Literature by Elsayed M H Omran
7. IUA-NET contains books and articles on the introductions, study, and reward of reciting the Holy Qur'an
8.The Prophets Miracle
9.Protection from Alteration
10.The Qur'an in Islam, Its Impact and Influence on the Life of Muslims by Allmah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabtab'I (Originally published in monograph by Zahra Publications, Texas, pp.112).
11.The Qur'an - its protection from Alteration by Syd. Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
12.Qur'anic Themes submitted by A. Kanji on "Mankind" in three parts and "Role Model"
13.Significance & Status of the Quran
14.Types of Interpretation
15.Understanding the Uniqueness of the Qur'an by Martyr Murtada Mutahhari
16.What About the Holy Qur'an? The following five items can be accessed: Commentary on Surat al-Fajr, English Quran Index, Listening to Quran, Proof of No Contradictions in the Holy Quran, and The Way to the Holy Quran.

The Quran - Tilwah (Recitations) and Tafsr (Exegesis)

1.A Group of Muslim Scholars, Interpretation of the Glorious Quran
The site is under construction. (Originally published as An Enlightening Commentary into The Light of the Holy Quran by Imam Ali Library & Research Centre, Isfahan. Part 1 contains commentaries of Sura Al-Ftiha and Sra Al-Baqarah verses 1 to 154).
2.The Glorious Quran & Exegesis
3.Holy Qur'an - Arabic text, translations by M H Shakir, Abdullah Yusufali and Muhammad M Pickthall, commentary by Agha Pooya and S V Mir Ahmed Ali
4.Quran Recitation with English translation from Al-Ftiha to the end of At-Taghbun (srah 64) by Qri Muhammad Ayub, Spoken in English by J.D. Hall. See Radio Al-Islam, channel RA152
5.Quran Recitation of the entire Qur'an with English translation. Arabic tilwah by Qri Abdul Bari and English spoken by Gai Eaton at Radio Al-Islam, channel RA 150.
6.Quran Recitaiton with English translation from Al-Ftihah to yat 79 of Al-Bart. Recitation by Qri Abdul Bassit and English read by Ayaz Sadiq. See Radio Al-Islam, Channel RA 155
7. Quran Tafseer Program by Sayyid Fadhel Milani at SICM in 1418

Timetable - prayer & fasting
(Please check the basis of calculations as opinions differ on defining the exact timings for the True dawn)

1.Austin, Texas, USA
2.Bay Area, California, USA
3.Houston, Texas, USA
4.London, England
5.Los Angeles, California, USA
6.Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
7. New Jersey Area, USA
8.New York, USA
9.Toronto, Canada
10.Seattle Area, Washington, USA
11.Sydney, Australia
12.Vancouver, BC, Canada
13.Washington Metropolitan Area, USA

Welcoming the Month of Ramadhn

1.Audio of the Prophet's sermon in Arabic see the IRIB site
2.A Chant to welcome the Holy Month
3.Extracts from As-Sahfa As-Sajjdiyya Dua No. 44 welcoming the holy month
4.The Holy Prophet' sermon
5.Imam As-Sajjd (a) welcomes Ramadhn
Recitation of the Dua (Br. Maitham Kadhim)
6.Sighting of the New Moon of Ramadhn - Arabic text with English translation
7.Welcome Holy Ramadhn

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