In His name, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Version 1.0, Released on Dec 9,1999/30 Sha‘bân 1420


The Ramadhân Internet Guide is a list of some of the active sites available on the Internet for use during the holy month of Ramadhân. In most cases, sites hosted by the followers of Ahlul Bayt (a) have been surfed. This is an extensive list of useful resources on Ramadhân. It includes Internet guide to Qur’an recitation, articles and books on the significance of the month, devotional supplications, fasting times, and many more items. The Guide has been compiled especially for those who may not be fortunate enough to be able to attend programs at Shi‘ah Muslim centers or mosques. These may include College or University students who may live far from Shi‘î communities or sisters and seniors who may be unable to attend programs available in their areas.

It should be noted that the list is not meant to replace attending religious gatherings where Mu'minîn meet to worship and learn during the holy month. Nor is it intended to promote or encourage individualism - so prevalent in the Western society! The merits of carrying out devotional prayers and supplications in congregation, especially the Jama‘at Salât, cannot be over emphasized. Says the Holy Prophet (s): The rows of my followers in the congregational prayer on earth are like the rows of the angels in the sky, and a rak’ah of prayer in congregation is equivalent to twenty four raka‘ât, each rak‘ah being more beloved to Allah, the Mighty, the Golrious, than forty years of worship.

This list has been compiled during the last two weeks of Sha‘bân 1420 AH. It will thus not reflect any changes that may take place during the holy month of Ramadhân as various web sites get updated. We request Mu’minîn to inform us at of any changes, new developments, or discrepancies that come to their attention. This will help us to update our second version of the Ramadhân Internet Guide that we hope to launch some time after the second week of Ramadhân, Inshaa’ Allah.

Although this list of resources on holy Ramadhân is extensive it is by no means exhaustive. There are many more Shi‘î web sites, which may have escaped our attention or were inaccessible at the time of compiling the Guide. Therefore, your cooperation in drawing our attention to sites that contain useful material on Ramadhân will be appreciated.

Every attempt has been made to include resources that are reliable and acceptable to the school of the Ahlul Bayt (a). However, the final responsibility on the authenticity and veracity of the contents lies with those who administer these items. We have also noticed that a number of web sites have links to non-Shi‘î sources. In all probability there are good reasons for doing so.

We pray that the Almighty may grant us the Tawfîq to make the most of this holy month, and that we are among those who are forgiven and blessed during Ramadhân.

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