Chapter 27: Persecution of the Shia

This Chapter is dedicated to those Martyrs whose names are lost in History due to the enormity of their numbers.

NOTE: Part ‘A’ of this chapter deals with the construction of the shrine and the frequent demolition made by the Umayyads and other rulers. Part ‘B’ and ‘C’ deal with the persecution of the Shia. The material of Part ‘A’ is collected primarily from the Urdu translation of a well-researched book in Arabic under the title ‘Tarikh Karbala al-Mu’alla wa Ha’ir al-Husayn’ written by Dr. Abdul Jawad Kalidar of Iraq. The book was translated into Urdu by Muhammad Baqir Naqvi, the editor of Islah, Khajwa, Bihar.

The material of Part ‘B’ is collected mainly from a book under the title ‘Masa’ibush Shia’ written by Moulana al-Haj Sadat Husayn Sahib, printed at Sarfaraz Qaumi Press, Liknow, U.P., in six volumes of about 200 pages each, in the year 1966. Its second edition was brought out in three volumes. I have followed both editions of this book.