An Atmosphere for Conversation

Spring has arrived and the universe is reborn. Trees once again done their fresh, green apparel. The earth becomes green and pleasant and the spring breeze is filled with heavenly fragrance. Birds are singing sweet songs. Everywhere the air is filled with joy. Sadness turns to joy. No one can tolerate saying indoors, so people, young and old, men and women, take to the fields and meadows to enjoy the spring, this new gift from God. All with their loved ones are gathered in small groups sitting around throughout the green lawns and by flowers gardens.

It is a new atmosphere. Everyone has abandoned worries about anything. Every face is wearing a smile. In short, people are moved, from with, with new thoughts and aspirations. Some are lying down without caring about their neatly pressed garments, students taking advantage of the clean fresh air, and busy studying. Families have come here to hold a family reunion. The joy of this kind of gathering is so noticeable from every face. Smiles and play are the order of the day. When tired of sitting and visiting, they strengthen their legs and take a short walk.

In one such family, there was a father busy visiting with his child. They had put the problems of their daily lives out of their minds and were deeply involved in a heart-to-heart conversation, in a totally free atmosphere. The father had long been waiting for an opportunity to open up his heart to express his feelings openly to his child. But the pressures and difficulties of daily life would not allow him to do so. However, this was a perfect opportunity. So, he took advantage of it and he finally opened up. His child too, in return, did likewise in such a warm, sincere atmosphere for a heart-to-heart conversation.