Complaining and Hoping for Forgiveness

The Father

My child! Following our discussions in the past, I do not believe you would ever mistreat, hurt or disobey us in any manner, shape or form. Nor would you turn away from us in disgust. Whatever we tell you does not come from mere carnal desires, but it is inspired by our love to you and is in your interest. So, listen to us and do as we suggest so you will find success and happiness.

The Child

When I was a child, I was ignorant. Now that I am a young man, I am suffering from pride. These two elements have prevented me from fulfilling my obligations towards you and from pleasing you. If my immature behaviour has caused you any hardship, or if I have ignored you, I sincerely apologize. And I hope that you will forgive me, as the great people do forgive. If parents do not forgive their children, then who would? And if they do not excuse them, who would?