The Fatherly Guidance

The Father

My child! Do take advantage of your youth and do not waste it. Use those unreturnable years to prepare yourself for your golden years. Bravery is not when one spends his younger years in lewdness and drunkenness. Rather, it is when, in spite of his youthfulness and energy, protects himself against any kind of sinful act, and to put his future’s well-being ahead of his sensual desires and to follow his intellectual judgment in every situation.

There are some young people who know nothing about good mannerism and good behaviour. They should try to better themselves while there is still a chance and before it becomes too late. They should also free themselves from indulgence in their own desires. Instead, they should try to conduct themselves with modesty and to protect themselves behind a strong shield of chastity.

But, unfortunately, sometimes they are so deeply involved in such a degree of neglect that they cannot find a way out and fail to have any foresight. Undoubtedly, someday they will be sorry. But then, it will be too late as they have lost all their chances. My child! I am afraid you will grow up to be one of them. Choosing to lead a rebellious life, you may have a future similar to theirs.

The Child

Your fear about my future is justified because one can expect just about anything from an unexperienced young individual. But, I am hoping that with your guidance and advice you will help me find the right path and that I will be able to follow it steadfastly.