The Father

My beloved child! You are not only advised to treat your parents with respect in their lifetime, but after they die too, you must speak of them with honour. You must beg Allah to forgive them. For, if you are a child worthy of your father, you can still earn your parents rewards from Allah.

Imam As-Sadiq (as) says:

ليس يتبع الرجل بعدموته من الاجر الاثلث خصال: صدقة اجراها في حيوته وهى ترجى بعدموته وسنة هدى سنها فهى يعمل بها بعدموته او ولد صالح يدعوله.

“After a man dies, he can still rewards from Allah in three different ways:

1. From what he has left behind which still benefits he public.

2. From establishing a useful tradition be followed by others after his death, and

3. From prayers done in his name by pious child.” 1

So, when your parents are dead and no longer are able to do rewarding deeds for themselves, you can come to their help. You can be thinking of them and make them happy by asking Allah to bless their souls. As they thought of you throughout their lives.

The Child

I pray to Allah to keep you and protect you for many years to come, and to succeed in doing my best in fulfilling my obligations to you; and to make both of you absolutely happy with me.

  • 1. Wafi part 13, p. 90