A Gift of Allah

The Father

My child! Keep in mind that children are gifts of Allah. Do not belittle this fact. Holy Prophet (S.) once said:

الولد الصالح ريحانة من رياحين الجنة

“A righteous child is a flower from flowers of heaven.” 1

He also said:

من سعادة الرجل الولد الصالح

“Of the signs of prosperity, the righteous child is one.” 2

And Imam Zain al-Abidin (as) is quoted as saying:

من سعادة الرجل ان يكون له ولد يستعين بهم

“One of the signs of a man's prosperity is having children from whom he gets helps.” 3

Imam As-Sadiq (as)4 said:

Once there was a man who said, he did not wish to have any children until he went to Mecca. There at Arafat, he came across a young man with tears in his eyes who was praying to Allah for his father. Seeing that situation, persuaded me to have children. 5

The Child

Yes, a child is a gift, and man has been assigned obligations for this gift as Imam As-Sadiq (as) once said:

البنون نعيم والبنات حسنات والله يسأل عن النعيم ويثيب على الحسنات

“Sons are gift and daughters are righteous deeds. Allah holds one responsible for a gift but be rewards one for righteous deeds.” 6

Therefore, the father are responsible for their children and they should be careful how they treat and rear them.

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