A Good Reputation and the Family Environment

The Father

My child! It is you who can earn a good reputation for yourself through sincere efforts and good deeds, thus making your parents proud. Or, through mischievous and dishonest acts making them ashamed of you. Now, is it is not better to conduct yourself in the former fashion? That way, you will not only make us happy, but also Allah will be happy with you. This in itself is great blessing for you.

The Child

Everyone, instinctively, wishes to earn a good reputation for himself and his parents. However, this is directly related to the type of environment at home provided by everybody especially the elder family members. Imam As-Sadiq (as) says:

مازوى الرفق عن اهل بيت الازوي عنهم الخير

“In every family if there exists no fellowship and adaptability, it becomes deprived of Allah's blessing and bounties.” 1

Also Samuel Smiles, the famous author says:

“In any family where love and order is present, its members will have a daily life of righteousness and good deeds, its head is wise and kind hearted. One can expect to see happy, healthy and useful children come out of it. They, in turn, will follow their parent's ways and will provide happiness for themselves as well as people around them.” 2

Of course, at times one finds misleading factors outside the home causing the youth to go astray by surrendering to their sensual desires. That is the time when, if the parents don't come in and involve themselves to save their children, they will fall to ill repute and will be destroyed forever.

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