Hospitality and Appreciation

The Father

My child! If a person invites you to dinner in his home and treats you with warmth and in a comfortable environment, undoubtedly you will thank him. And if one takes you out for a meal, again, you will thank him. If while on a trip, one accommodates you over night, you will never forget his kindness. If someone invites for a lunch or dinner at his house, you will always remember his favour. If one gives you a drink when you are thirsty, I do not think you would not offer him your thanks.

If one gives you a pen or a book for a gift, every time you use it, you will be thinking of him. If one helps you rest after you are tired, you will express your thanks. If one helps you with your studies, you will tell him thank you. If one gives you a helping hand, you will be obliged to him. If one lets you use his automobile, he will receive you thanks, as is the case when someone gives you a ride in his car or when one offers you his seat on a bus. And finally, if one is only kind to you by worlds and not by his deeds, there too, it is unrealistic to say you will not say thanks.

My child! How is it then that for all these relatively small favours you show your appreciation, but to all the love, attention, care and happiness and to all the material conveniences that you parents have provided for you, you are so indifferent and are taking them for granted?

The Child

Oh, how great it is that you have awakened me. And how appropriately you brought this to my attention! I really have been neglectful as to all you love, compassion and hospitalities and have been taking them for granted. I have done so, just as one who pays no attention to the importance of the sum simply because it rises every day. Now I confess that I am greatly indebted to you and owe you all my existence. I take this opportunity to give all my thanks and appreciation to you and my mother even though I shall never be able to compensate you enough.