Mistakes and Apologies

The Father

My child! When you realize you have done somebody wrong, or have treated him in a rude manner or with harsh words, you would ask for forgiveness. If you suspect you have been disrespectful to someone or when bumping into him, you would say “excuse me, please” in an apologetic tone.

In short, you do your best to please others and keep their respect and be nice to them as soon as your realize you have offended them in the slightest way. But how is it that you would not say even one word of apology to your father and mother even though you are certain you have disobeyed, belittled and been rude to them? And won’t you try to cherish those who reared and nourished you?

The Child

I confess that I have been wrong. And now in the name of your child who is guilty of disobedience from head to toe, I beg your forgiveness.