The Most Sincere Caring

The Father

My child! Whoever does anything good for you or does you a favour, expects something in return. But your parents, who through their most sincere services and caring as well as their material means, have done their best to raise you and guarantee you comfort while growing up, have no expectation whatsoever for anything in return or to be compensated in any way. Rather, they have done so for you simply because they love you.

My Child! Think and think hard. Try to see how your father and mother are trying hard. To provide you with whatever you want and need. Remember all their wishes directly or indirectly are aimed at your interest and welfare. And when you become what you wish to be, and when your dreams are fulfilled, they will be most happy for you. And they take it as if that gave received the answer to their prayers.

My child! Don't you ever believe there is anyone on earth who will love you, or will care for you or will stand by you in the time of grief or will come to your secure, more than your father and mother do. Your Parents want your happiness regardless of anything in return. They just love you.

The Child

The harder I took, the more I realise there is no one more worthy of respect than you, my loving parents. I know of no one kinder than you. My heart tells me your kindness toward me matches that of none. I believe it is quite natural you care for me. That is because of such caring, that you do your utmost in making me happy. I wonder how much I myself will be able to do for myself.