The Natural and Intellectual Rights

The Father

My child! My purpose of speaking about the religious issues was for you to become familiar with a sample of the beliefs of you father and mother, and to become certain that it is not without reasons that they are fond of religion. Even, if these discussions did not convince you, and if you still are of your old opinion about them, and should think your parents are old fashioned and superstitious, this rights, to be rude to them or to treat them disrespectfully. As the rights of your parents are natural and intellectual and in any case they are inviolable

Have you not ever heard of a Christian youth by the name of Zakariya who became Muslim and who went to Medina to Imam As-Sadiq (as) and said to him:

“I was a Christian, now I have become Muslim. My father, mother and entire family are Christians also my mother is blind. Do you see it advisable for me to stay with them?”

The Imam (as) said:

“Certainly, be good to your mother and pay attention to her.” 1

The youth, upon the return to his home town of Kufa, started to render his services to his mother. And more than ever before, he treated her with kindness. So much so that it surprised his mother. She inquired about the reason of his extreme kindness after becoming Muslim. He told her of the Imam's advice. She was impressed and consequently, she too accepted Islam.

The Child

Of course the matter of religious beliefs has nothing to do with the rights of parents. They exist whether the child is in agreement with parent's principles and beliefs or not.

  • 1. Usual Kafi, New edition, 2nd Volume, p. 16